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[personal profile] elipie suggested summing ourselves up in 10 movies. I didn't get too deep, but this is a decent cross-section of what cranks my wheelhouse.

Sleepless in Seattle - I am not immune to the charm of the romantic comedy, despite its problematic tropes. And definitely not immune to Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan.

X-Men: First Class - Character-driven storytelling is the only kind worth the effort. Also, friends/family/allies irreparably divided who continue to care for each other? Yeah.

Robin Hood: Men In Tights - Silliness, bursting into song, pop culture references, period pieces and, well, good-looking men in tights.

Moulin Rouge - Spectacle, love, tragedy, dancing, all choreographed and costumed to within and inch of its life.

Interview with the Vampire - Vampires and gay subtext. Yup.

Office Space - I feel trapped by my mundane desk job and aspire to one day, through some magical confluence of circumstances, break free of it for a nebulous something else.

Silence of the Lambs - Psychological thrillers, serial killers, bad guy winning. Give me all the problematic police procedurals!

Beverly Hills Cop 3 - Theme parks, buddy cops, breathtaking action sequences, Eddie Murphy in his prime.

The Matrix - Ordinary guy chosen by destiny for an extraordinary purpose. Also technological dystopia, leather fashion, sunglasses indoors, special effects.

Beetlejuice - Magical realism. Because if I have to be ordinary, then I'd like the possibility of the world to be extraordinary.


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