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Because a girl can only do so much between hormones, too little sleep all week and not eating for 15 hours because of a clusterfuck with our delivery order from a new restaurant. But some of it was good crying! And some of it was just melodramatic.

When you talk of the Tampa Bay Rays' 2011 wild-card drama - and you will - know this - St. Petersburg Times

The Rays are Brandon's home team, and any sport where there's an equal possibility of going home with a souvenir or a black eye from a foul ball is always a good time. But this was an absolutely unbelievable game, down seven to nothing in the eighth and then tied up by the bottom of the ninth by a guy who's hit .108 for the season, stretching all the way into a 12th inning before the Rays secured their spot in the postseason. They're such amazing fielders - and easy on the eyes, too, since the franchise being pretty underfunded means their focus is on scouting college players.

Downtown Disney flash mob marriage proposal - The Disney Blog

Nothing melts my cold, cold heart like a creative proposal, especially when there are accomplices involved.

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai - BBC Top Gear

I saw The Brave Little Toaster at a very impressionable age, and blame it for my inability to throw away anything just because there's a newer model out. The movie made me incredibly sad for everything that has outlived its (perceived) usefulness. But a beautiful machine in its prime left to decay?

The Last Stand Ending - sunsetagain on deviantART

You guys. The end of the third X-Men movie already broke me once, but this sketch did it all over again.
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Like everyone else this morning, I woke up to the new Delicious, a stunning example of what happens when you throw a bunch of money and developers at a problem that doesn't exist, while doing zero audience research to figure out how your service was being used. Having been largely out of fandom for about five years, when SGA was still The One Fandom and lived on LJ, before ToS fuckery and fannish migration and Delicious's role still in its infancy, the scope of what has been lost wasn't entirely clear to me until [ profile] walkingshadow spent a good chunk of her day explaining it patiently through her seething rage.

But despite not having nearly as much invested in Delicious as most of you, the impact of its spectacular implosion is another setback on what is my already haphazard wade back into fandom. )

But even in this fragmented new world, Delicious seemed to be last place on the internet that everyone still went. The simplicity of its privacy settings was a revelation - things were either private or public; no friendslists, no filters, no barriers to fannish entry. Just click on a tag and lose yourself for a few hours. I'd venture that had to do a lot with Delicious's success in fostering what could arguably have been the largest fannish community space since the LJ schism (and why I have reservations about the picket fences evident in Pinboard's "introvert sharing" philosophy, though that seems to be where the fannish tide is drifting.) Delicious was accessible even to someone brand new to fandom, or someone like me who may as well be. Wasn't the reason we all used Delicious because it was a massive public park that all corners of fandom played in, where the little bold number of how many times something has been bookmarked meant something?

But what's done is done, and fandom has every reason to find a new berth. And hey, AO3 rose out of a dark moment too, so maybe this will all eventually be for the best. But as someone still trying to find her footing, this didn't help my already fragile grasp of the new fannish geography.
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Serb Cousins Share Same Strange Attraction - Associated Press

Why yes, that IS the headline the story came across the news wires with.

David's mother said her son loses his magnetic powers when he is asleep, but regains them when he wakes up and starts moving. When he plays with his friends "anything will stick to him," she said. Afterward he will feel a little chilly and tired, she said.
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Yada yada yada, life is busy and stringing sentences together is hard. I sometimes feel like my job uses up all my literary creativity, which is ironic given that journalism school mostly consists of sapping it all away until you're writing declarative sentences of 35 words or less, and any modifiers are a strict 10 points from Gryffindor.

Humane Society - [ profile] smilebackwards (R, Charles/Erik)

This story is what I imagine a hug would feel like if you could write it. The synopsis is that Erik is turned into a kitten and Charles takes him in, and yesterday I wouldn't have said that I would read such a thing, let alone like it, and still look at myself in the mirror, but this fandom has pretty much demolished all my preconceived notions.

ETA: OMG you guys, all the evens I cannot, Charles and Erik in a meadow.
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Fic On a Clear Day - [ profile] sheafleur (R, slight retcon of the beach scene)

This is Charles and Erik after going their separate ways, and it hurts so much, knowing that they've both been indelibly changed by the other but not enough to set their differences aide. I like to think that Charles learned something on the beach, that sometimes, some people (and mutants) are evil, and you have to protect your own. Erik may have chosen his path, but that doesn't mean he walks alone, and Charles is only so much the better man when it comes to him.

Vid The Boy With the Bubblegun - [ profile] kaydeefalls

Oh, Erik, so blinded by your anger - Charles could've saved you if you'd let him, but instead he became collateral damage. Really lovely, in the way that anything this sad could be.
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Say that it's mere "brotherhood" or "friendship" if you will. But when the Bad Thing (sob) happens at the end of X-Men: First Class, Erik doesn't respond exactly like a buddy. He passionately drops 500 missiles, clutches Charles to his chest, homicidally freaks out at everyone else on the beach and then basically proposes marriage ("I want you by my side") — all while looking like he wants to kill himself. -E! Online

It's been a month now, since seeing First Class, and every day I think, this is the one where I can put into words what I love so much about Charles/Erik. But then I read shmoopy telepathic sex while they're having breakfast with the kids and love it just as much as the one where humanity is winning the war and Charles takes the other dose of Hank's serum and has his vengeance. There's just nothing I can say no to in this fandom. I'm sure that will change, but right now, it's pure, fervent love. My newest source of joy is [ profile] mcfassy - gorgeous pictures, avid commenters, amazing RPF. Also, Advanced interviewing techniques with James McAvoy, which involves dodgeball and KISSING THE MALE INTERVIEWER WHAT. How does this EXIST? Also, I need a minute in my bunk with the visual of his shaggy hair and those black jeans. I think my folder of McAvoy pics is already larger than the one of my cats. o.O

[ profile] ishtar79 has been scanning and recapping the comics canon of Charles and Erik's Big Gay Love, which has always been big and gay. When Charles "ascends", for lack of a better word, he asks Erik to take over as headmaster! And a thousand other little revelations.

Had a request for first-time fic involving "anguish and pent-up desire" from [ profile] saturn92103, and kind of fumbled the ball because when one person is telepathic and the other one loves you just the way you are, it's hard to complicate the attraction. )

I'm working up the guts to watch Atonement. We bought it on a DVD binge for the same reason that Crash was on Netflix's top 50 rentals for years - it's a movie you're "supposed" to see. McAvoy and his beautiful mouth might be worth the pain. [ETA: Saw a trailer for The Conspirator and UNF, fuck me sideways with that American accent and beard.]

Speaking of trailers, Deathly Hallows part deux gave me goosebumps. The battle of Hogwarts is going to be EPIC, idec that they invented the courtyard duel between Harry and Voldemort along with half the other scenes. Having seen the film already, DanRad would have us believe that Alan Rickman gave what he modestly calls "the greatest performance of his career", and god the trailer made me hope that this will be Snape's movie as much as it was his book. He was my favorite before it became mainstream fashion, because even during the first book I scratched my head to say, "Why does Dumbledore allow a Death Eater to teach the next generations of wizards, but won't give him the Defense Against the Dark Arts post?" And say whatever else you want about JK Rowling's writing or the series, but she made good on his potential, and for that nothing else matters. The films have not done him much justice - I'm still bitter that he didn't get his "Blocked again and again, and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!" line in Half-Blood Prince. I hope this one will be different.

I don't talk about Warcraft much, but my guild kicked in the teeth of every Tier 11 end-game boss before 4.2 dropped, including a one-shot of Al'Akir, so we've proven that we're ready for Firelands. We made a few half-hearted attempts at Shannox this week, but personally, I spent most of the raid time gawking - I didn't play in the time of outdoor world bosses, and while Firelands is a proper raid instance (so no unleashing Doom Lord Kazzak to lay waste to Stormwind) there is sky and no walls and everything feels a little more dangerous.

PS. Tell me that living in a decommissioned Titan missile site in Colorado wouldn't be awesome. Half-mile corridors! Cold War-era control panels! Blast doors! If we had the money, this would totally happen.
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One of the UAE's two (state-owned) internet providers had an "IP outage", as the customer support agent described it, for about four hours last night, during which Brandon and I finished watching X2 (meh) then X3, about which I have thoughts. Why were the X-Men defending Worthington Labs? To keep one mutant, who was being used to exterminate the rest of them, from dying by killing a hundred others? But there was also the first scene, where Charles and Erik recruit Jean Grey, at which I flailed helplessly, nearly costing Brandon his coffee. And don't even get me started on the last scene - I was bawling as soon as the camera began panning over the chess players in the park, so much so that I didn't see the king wobble when Erik reached out to it until Brandon replayed it.

We started Origins: Wolverine but didn't make it far, because it was almost 6 a.m. You have let me down, fandom. No one mentioned that this movie also had Liev Shreiber and a telepathic Dominic Monaghan. How do those two things alone not rank it at least a C+?

I begged off work yesterday because the sore throat of the past week bloomed into a full-fledged summer cold sometime around 4 a.m. on Sunday, and coughed my way through my shift today, sneaking out an hour early. Our stock of tissues is depleted (now using toilet paper, NOT the same) and we're down to the last three mugs of Lipton mint green tea. Summer colds always feel so silly - I know that despite the name it has nothing to do with temperature, but I still feel ridiculous.

Love that Fassy had all but turned down Trance, and then they start talking to McAvoy about a different role in the movie, and now he might be back on board. Mind-altering spy caper? I am already there.

Tour de France starts July 2! I plan to pony up the $30 for Versus to stream the six-hour version, to be watched while catching up on all the First Class fic over at [ profile] oldfriends. This fandom is less than a month old, and there is already drama over authors retconning Charles' injury, and multi-part mpreg fic. Not my cup of tea, but I salute the continuing effort to tick off fannish developmental milestones. Now, where is all the meta?
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Catching up with an established fandom like X-Men, even with a decent chunk of its canon rewritten by First Class, is exhausting, to the point that I'm so busy reading everyone else's thoughts and fic and looking at art and GIFs and Texts from Xavier Academy that 7 a.m. sneaks up and I collapse into bed with no room for my own thoughts in my head. But sometimes, ideas stick, and they pull together other bits of information, so instead of one giant This Fandom Is Not Only Highly Sexy But Morally Complex post, I'll try to frame issues in the context they came across my desk.

As interesting as it was to see Erik pulled toward the 'good' side, it would've been nice to see Charles pulled the other way, to be tempted by the possibility of remaking the world with Erik instead of waiting for it to accept mutants. )
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I don't have anything intelligent to say about the X-Men reboot, other than it was an excellent film on proper film merits, because I'm still flailing about trying to textually render all the ways in which James McAvoy is amaaaaaaazing. [GLOM]

Oh, and... )


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