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Are there any apple orchards or pumpkin patches within train/bus reach of NYC? This is what people do in New England during fall, I'm to understand. In Florida, we celebrate with an al fresco meal and packing up our sweaters because businesses stop over-air conditioning their offices.

My good intentions of starting a post-work walk routine, since I can't develop a rapport with the rowing machine like the Mr., were waylaid by an impromptu nap. Look, some of you might be heartless enough to move a cat that has just snuggled against you, but I'm made of softer stuff.

I've been soul-deep in Sherlock for so long that no other fandom's managed to pique my fannish interest since last January, but the new season of The Vampire Diaries might just do it. I suppose one of the pleasures of being a vampire is infinite second chances. Interested to see how the Salvatore boys will screw up getting everything they ever wanted.

The world is conspiring to get me to watch Breaking Bad, just as it's ending. I don't love the idea of committing to a source just as everyone else is preparing to move on though, and that may ultimately be the reason why I don't watch it. I had my epic television love affair with Battlestar Galactica, and prefer my conflicts speculative or internal rather than agency-sapping things like cancer and the rotten state of American health care.
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So not ready for summer hiatus, but at least "As I Lay Dying" left us with plenty of fodder.

Brother, how we must atone, before we turn to stone )
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Don't let it- aaw, too late.

TVD 2.20 - The Last Day )

Meanwhile, I'm going to reread some happy threesome fic until my Strongbow cider is done to steel myself against the misery sure to be piled high in 2.21.
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No, pretty sure I'm the only one who's spent the past two weeks trying to parse out why the events at the end of "Klaus" made sense. Cut me a little slack though, it's been at least four years (!?) since I've seriously attempted the meta thing, but it's good to exercise the brain with the important questions in life.

'I’m a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you’re searching for is OMG.' )
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Me: [distraught] "When did Television Without Pity stop selling any merchandise?!"
Husband: [teasing] "Aaw, where will you get your vaguely homoerotic T-shirts now?"
Me: [World's Biggest Pout]
Husband: "Oh, I was only -- I'm sorry for your loss."

Seriously, not even a mug with a logo on it! I know we got our fix from Cafepress back in the day, but even that well is dry. And my wardrobe could use a "Vampire Diaries wins at kink bingo" shirt. Three words, people: incestuous love triangle.
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Vampire Diaries author L. J. Smith fired | Daemon's books

[rolls up sleeves]

Hello, fandom, it's been a while. I'm not sure how many of you have fallen down one vampire series abyss or another (like potholes on the road, these days, except sexy.) And in the case of The Vampire Diaries, incestuously sexy! Brotherly love has never been so complicated as when the writers try to shove a woman in the middle of it. Life is hard for all of us these days, boys.

Before I launch into the rapturous speculation that the news item above, a small disclaimer: I've watched all of eight episodes of the direly acted CW series, and haven't so much a touched a book cover. But you don't even need eyes to know that Damon, on his evil-but-tortured rampage through life in which he does nothing that can't torture his brother with, is hot like high noon in the desert. And isn't that all I need to know anyway? )

PS. Failing that, tell me there exists epic, apocalyptic fic in which Elena goes insane like Katherine and our intrepid enemies have to flee, Deathly-Hallows-love-in-a-tent-like, around the country to stay alive.


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