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Nothing much ever happens on Sundays because from 1-5 p.m., I invade dungeons and fight monsters on the Internet with nine other like-minded raiders. This was our last chance to take down the final boss in Throne of Thunder before the new raid tier goes live on Tuesday, and let's just say that not killing Lei Shen was the least of our problems.

In cat news, the Mr. and I bought plastic tubing meant to protect our computer wires because one of our cats likes to punish us for not feeding him whenever he thinks it's time by chewing through the nearest cable. We've lost count of how many computer mice, chargers and headphones have been lost to his tyranny, and are slowly transitioning what we can to the cordless life. But recently, he claimed a new and much more serious casualty: the power cord to the Mr.'s monitor. Hence, plastic tubing to protect all our precious things, and his precious kitty face in the process. Except he's decided that the tubing's texture is DIVINE and obviously, like everything else in this world, meant for his mouth. Sigh.

There was also a bit of Naruto Shippuden (didn't see the Village Hidden in the Leaves being wiped off the map coming, *sniff*) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (still as angry about the confrontation with Snape on the lawn as ever), catching up on LJ and fiddling with my Sherlock vid after getting some beta feedback. I'm a writer but not of fiction, so I haven't ever really put a subjective work up for an audience before, and it's been fascinating to see what people notice.
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@catullae started #fakewarcraftthesis on Twitter, and it was pretty much the only thing that went right for me all day.

I'd dearly love to read these. )
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Say that it's mere "brotherhood" or "friendship" if you will. But when the Bad Thing (sob) happens at the end of X-Men: First Class, Erik doesn't respond exactly like a buddy. He passionately drops 500 missiles, clutches Charles to his chest, homicidally freaks out at everyone else on the beach and then basically proposes marriage ("I want you by my side") — all while looking like he wants to kill himself. -E! Online

It's been a month now, since seeing First Class, and every day I think, this is the one where I can put into words what I love so much about Charles/Erik. But then I read shmoopy telepathic sex while they're having breakfast with the kids and love it just as much as the one where humanity is winning the war and Charles takes the other dose of Hank's serum and has his vengeance. There's just nothing I can say no to in this fandom. I'm sure that will change, but right now, it's pure, fervent love. My newest source of joy is [ profile] mcfassy - gorgeous pictures, avid commenters, amazing RPF. Also, Advanced interviewing techniques with James McAvoy, which involves dodgeball and KISSING THE MALE INTERVIEWER WHAT. How does this EXIST? Also, I need a minute in my bunk with the visual of his shaggy hair and those black jeans. I think my folder of McAvoy pics is already larger than the one of my cats. o.O

[ profile] ishtar79 has been scanning and recapping the comics canon of Charles and Erik's Big Gay Love, which has always been big and gay. When Charles "ascends", for lack of a better word, he asks Erik to take over as headmaster! And a thousand other little revelations.

Had a request for first-time fic involving "anguish and pent-up desire" from [ profile] saturn92103, and kind of fumbled the ball because when one person is telepathic and the other one loves you just the way you are, it's hard to complicate the attraction. )

I'm working up the guts to watch Atonement. We bought it on a DVD binge for the same reason that Crash was on Netflix's top 50 rentals for years - it's a movie you're "supposed" to see. McAvoy and his beautiful mouth might be worth the pain. [ETA: Saw a trailer for The Conspirator and UNF, fuck me sideways with that American accent and beard.]

Speaking of trailers, Deathly Hallows part deux gave me goosebumps. The battle of Hogwarts is going to be EPIC, idec that they invented the courtyard duel between Harry and Voldemort along with half the other scenes. Having seen the film already, DanRad would have us believe that Alan Rickman gave what he modestly calls "the greatest performance of his career", and god the trailer made me hope that this will be Snape's movie as much as it was his book. He was my favorite before it became mainstream fashion, because even during the first book I scratched my head to say, "Why does Dumbledore allow a Death Eater to teach the next generations of wizards, but won't give him the Defense Against the Dark Arts post?" And say whatever else you want about JK Rowling's writing or the series, but she made good on his potential, and for that nothing else matters. The films have not done him much justice - I'm still bitter that he didn't get his "Blocked again and again, and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!" line in Half-Blood Prince. I hope this one will be different.

I don't talk about Warcraft much, but my guild kicked in the teeth of every Tier 11 end-game boss before 4.2 dropped, including a one-shot of Al'Akir, so we've proven that we're ready for Firelands. We made a few half-hearted attempts at Shannox this week, but personally, I spent most of the raid time gawking - I didn't play in the time of outdoor world bosses, and while Firelands is a proper raid instance (so no unleashing Doom Lord Kazzak to lay waste to Stormwind) there is sky and no walls and everything feels a little more dangerous.

PS. Tell me that living in a decommissioned Titan missile site in Colorado wouldn't be awesome. Half-mile corridors! Cold War-era control panels! Blast doors! If we had the money, this would totally happen.
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Thinking is haaard. Stringing sentences together? Also surprisingly difficult despite my chosen profession. But I do still have opinions, if only mostly about World of Warcraft (though Bruce Campbell is <3 in Burn Notice, and I'd buy Joel McHale a beer for Community) and anything that puts my brain to use is a welcome change from life in the desert.

I need a Warcraft-related icon.

The Random Dungeon Finder is for Frost Emblems, not whatever you're using it for. )
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Setup: In World of Warcraft, you can acquire trade skills like tailoring and blacksmithing, and make increasingly better and better items as you level. At every tier of the profession, there are one or two items that you make bunches of because they require the fewest materials.

Joke: We live in Abu Dhabi's used furniture district. On my walk home from dog-sitting tonight, I walked past a shop with about a dozen identical coat trees outside, and my first thought was, "Ah, someone must be leveling carpentry."

It's fine, [ profile] paper_pusher and Alison didn't find it funny either.
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So I was getting in a little World of Warcraft before work today, like you do, running a quest in Westfall that my barely level 16 gnome mage just couldn't handle. The gnolls she had to kill were clustered in encampments, and pulling one meant pulling at least one, usually two others - all level 15. I was a mage smudge on the ground in about six seconds.

On my third try, a dwarf hunter came along, and we kind of nodded at each other. He pulled first, getting three gnolls, and I got a good two fireballs off at one of them before it reached me, then swiped it a few times with a wand. Got done with just enough time to finish off the second gnoll still on the dwarf's pet.

So we finish the quest and bid our farewells, when a human paladin approaches. He's level 15, and I had a little bit of time left, and offered him help. He declined - then with one spell pulled three gnolls, soon followed by the fourth. So I pulled one off him and finished it, and got maybe one fireball off at one of the two left still attacking him before he dropped dead.

And then spent my shower, drive, and first 20 minutes or so of work trying to figure out what I could've done differently to save him (sheep another one after pulling? Get closer and do frost nova so we could both run? Arcane explosion to help damage them all simultaneously?)

Just me?
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It's done. After more than a year of trying and the promise of Scrabble in exchange, Brandon finally roped me into World of Warcraft. I "rolled," as the kids say, a gnome mage, Rutabella, agreeing to get her to level 5 (of 60).

But then she was so cute with her gigantic pink pigtails and the silly name (she's close to the ground and therefore likes root vegetables, you see) and the big fireballs she casts. And there are quests and story arcs and random drops of cool gear and beautiful scenery. I can't explain the appeal, not really, except decking things 10 times your size before it even gets close enough to touch you feels awesome. So if that makes sense to you, come and play with meeeee on Silver Hand.


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