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Are there any apple orchards or pumpkin patches within train/bus reach of NYC? This is what people do in New England during fall, I'm to understand. In Florida, we celebrate with an al fresco meal and packing up our sweaters because businesses stop over-air conditioning their offices.

My good intentions of starting a post-work walk routine, since I can't develop a rapport with the rowing machine like the Mr., were waylaid by an impromptu nap. Look, some of you might be heartless enough to move a cat that has just snuggled against you, but I'm made of softer stuff.

I've been soul-deep in Sherlock for so long that no other fandom's managed to pique my fannish interest since last January, but the new season of The Vampire Diaries might just do it. I suppose one of the pleasures of being a vampire is infinite second chances. Interested to see how the Salvatore boys will screw up getting everything they ever wanted.

The world is conspiring to get me to watch Breaking Bad, just as it's ending. I don't love the idea of committing to a source just as everyone else is preparing to move on though, and that may ultimately be the reason why I don't watch it. I had my epic television love affair with Battlestar Galactica, and prefer my conflicts speculative or internal rather than agency-sapping things like cancer and the rotten state of American health care.


Jan. 9th, 2010 01:11 pm
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Grievous oversight: Thanks to [ profile] without_me and [ profile] wovenindelibly for the virtual snowflakes - they reminded me of the people I love here. Need to get out to see you ladies again sometime.

A little catch-up, and a little working ahead in the book, as I'll be on a mountain this weekend on the UAE/Oman border celebrating my second wedding anniversary. This is our second try at it, since on the actual date in mid-December we were rained out. In the desert! We're thinking of it as a good omen.

Day 7: A photo that makes you happy

Kittens' first Christmas. )

Day 8: A photo that makes you angry/sad

A dying way of life. )

Day 9: A photo you took

My favorite thing to do at DragonCon. )

Day 10: A photo of you taken over 10 year ago I'm on the wrong side of the world for this one - all my photos are in albums in storage, or with my marginally computer-literate mom. But basically, 10 years ago I was 17 (OMG rly?) in the 10th grade, just settling into my first real relationship, which would last for more than a year, defying the closed campus rule to eat lunch at a pizza place across the street, getting into Nine Inch Nails and taking my first Psychology class. I recommend the 101 level to everyone - it's so useful for making just a little more sense of the world. Mere exposure effect explains to much, and knowing about the bystander effect could save a life someday.

Day 11: A photo of you taken recently

Gentlemen, start your engines. )
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Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy I really should have read this list before committing to it. Um, we're on Season Nine of another rewatching of SG1, so Daniel and Vala are always good for making me feel fuzzy inside. Our kittens, Barry and Sam, who greet us at the door and sleep at the foot of our bed and enjoy just lounging around the house as much as we do. Lindt chocolate truffles. The rare beer or glass of wine, since I have neither a car nor an alcohol license. Shopping in Dubai. The cool weather right now that makes the city a little less oppressively stagnant and eases the reek of rotting garbage. The 'Smores Pop Tarts that come in my in-laws' care packages. My awesome purple rock star handbag bought at a total bargain at Debenham's. The Norlander bread from Spinneys, dense and earthy and perfect with butter. My "I walk the line" playlist that gets me to work every day. Successfully healing a hard fight in Warcraft. Brandon's bad puns.

Since moving to Abu Dhabi, I take more pleasure in small things, because the big ones are so far away. More than anything, living here has made me better at internalizing my happiness in accomplishments, rather than going out to seek it. Because besides being far from home, working at a newspaper can be incredibly depressing - people dying of exposure from India to the UK, food aid stopped to Somalia, 45,000 Americans dying prematurely because they don't have health insurance and can't afford treatment. And here, in a completely incomparable but still significant act, the security guards who patrol (and smoke in front of) our office all day didn't tell anyone about a box of four newborn kittens, so young their eyes weren't even open yet, abandoned in the front courtyard. It's been cold enough for a jacket, and they were meowing constantly when one of the designers found them on his way out. Why not say something? Call someone? Maybe the security people couldn't do anything, but all us expatriates inside known to take in strays sure could. In this case, the best thing we could do was take them to the British Veterinary Clinic, where they were put down - still a far more dignified end than dying of exposure or starvation.

Everywhere is another sign that people don't care about each other, the environment, the greater world. Granted, the overwhelming majority have pressing problems of their own, but is there no drive in the average person to at least look around themselves and see a way to help?

As with all generalizations, the above wasn't fair to all the aid organizations, volunteers and good samaritans who DO notice the need around them. But when my distraught colleague called to tell me the above story, I was almost not surprised - and I that's not the opinion I want to have of people. I never want to live in a world where mewling kittens are ignored. Newspapers do help with that, but I don't feel like I'm doing enough. Can career ennui set in this early?
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As in only stuffing, not proper leftovers or anything. Don't tell my mother.

Day 5: Favorite Quote Blergh. Actually, that is itself a quote, from Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. I tend to co-opt useful phrases from television and movies. Oscar Wilde is an excellent source of wisdom and poignant ennui. But for one-liners, it's gotta be Henry David Thoreau: "Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it." I find it useful in life, remembering that most of what we think of as rules are the arbitrary decisions of someone unwilling to perform their own due diligence.

Also, a friend discovered today what I've known since people from middle school began friending me on Facebook: its true purpose is allowing us to see what the ravages of time had wrought upon our girlhood crushes. Mine is now a paunchy accountant with a receding hairline. It eases my bitterness about how things went down with him.
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They either cause endless agonizing or picking what's in the player right now.
A little behind, so a two-fer today:

Day 2: Favorite Movie What does that mean? Is it the movie I watch the most? Because that, embarrassingly enough, would be either Robin Hood: Men in Tights or Bridget Jones' Diary. Is it the movie I recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it? That's Fight Club. Because of the amazing experience I had in the theater, Scream 2 (used a fake ID because I was 15 and it's rated R!) and The Empire Strikes Back (when Han and Leia walk into the conference room on Bespin and Vader is sitting at the end of the table, I learned not to trust seemingly good guys) are up there. But I don't have a movie that speaks to my soul, as it were. When I'm happy, it's You've Got Mail or Beetlejuice. When I need cheering up, Men in Black or Beverly Hills Cop III (the rescue on the Spider is still the best action sequence ever!) usually does the trick. Basically, I like movies, but don't ask me to reduce Hollywood to a single title.

Day 3: Favorite TV show Much easier. On the air: 30 Rock. Off the air: Battlestar Galactica. No contest.

Thanks to a last-minute ticket (Dubizzle FTW) I got to see a tennis match between David Ferrer and some guy who's supposed to be the best who's ever played the sport. I think his name is Roger something?

Maybe you will recognize him: )

Yeah, no, I can't actually downplay my enthusiasm. The seat was as nosebleed as you could get, but Federer put on an excellent show. It's like he emits some sort of anti-gravity aura, he just kind of hangs in the air and seems to get across the court faster than possible. Ferrer got his shots in, but he was way outmatched, running all over the court and unable to return a lot of what was served to him. Also, watching tennis with a live crowd is pretty cool - the energy of the place ratchets up the longer a point goes on.
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So, one resolution among many: post to LJ at least once a week. Even if it's memes that get me there!

Name a fandom or a fannish topic and I will share my unpopular fandom opinions on the matter. Or any opinion, because I have lots of those and don't always know which ones are unpopular or not.

Harry Potter Voldemort was only marginally more evil than Dumbledore.

Stargate Atlantis Can't stand Dr. Keller. My husband talks over her dialogue in a high-pitched voice with things like, "The name 'tongue depressor' makes me sad, so I just call them popsicle sticks!" and my personal favorite, "Is a concussion when you swear a lot?"

Podfic I want just one story read with a modicrum of emotion, to hear the narrator get breathless during action scenes and convey fear or cold through their pitch and speed. I cry and hold my breath and feel my heart pound while reading, but listening to even chase scenes puts me to sleep.

Doctor Who I like the ninth Doctor best. And Rose.

Battlestar Galactica I liked the ending. That Starbuck was a being of light but maybe she was meant to learn something too, that Baltar and Six are like a divided Loki, that Adama got to Earth, that the world spins madly on and maybe someday we'll have to learn the same lessons all over again.

Supernatural I love all the ladies on my friendslist who love this show, and even read their purely squee posts because who doesn't love fannish love, but I just don't care, and never will.

Warnings on fanfic Make them the same color as the background so they must be highlighted to be read. It's not that difficult.

Bonus meme! My one-month-delayed effort at 30 days of ME, if for no other reason than to have a ready reason to open the update window.

Day 1: Favorite song! I actually pondered this while organizing my iTunes playlist a few months ago, and came up with Duran Duran's Ordinary World. It's the scale of the narrator's loss that gets to me, that any one thing can mean so much to a person's life that it can throw off their bearings completely, but it doesn't matter how important it is because it can still be lost. It's motivational, in a way? Because as broken as this person is, there is the resolve to figure out how to move on.


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