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After a delightful and ludicrously productive (I refuse to blame the lack of Internets, because that way lies madness) train trip through Central Florida, I made [ profile] walkingshadow drive me around to places she had to decide on, all in the name of celebrating her birthday. Man, don't you all want me as your friend? I did bring the first season of Battlestar Galactica along, which went just as I suspected. And it's not like either one of us is ever terribly put out by Thai food and gelato and singing Starship in the car.

"Hi, I read gay fiction about television characters, how's your latte?" )

I can't believe no one's ever done (link in comments) before. I mean I do, whatwith you know, slash and the safety of a show that is neither on network TV nor going for any sort of heteronormativity, but this is just cool. Relatedly, even Sci-Fi's ads for The Long Goodbye read as a big gay John/Rodney lovefest, and so long as we have such obligingly cheeky creators (who already obliquely borrow from the fans' stuff anyway, case in point,) it's all good.

In other successful pimping news, spent a very enjoyable night e-mailing back and forth with Former Editor Mike, who's so wound on Battlestar Galactica he's not only writing fic but contemplating SONGFIC. The glee I have defies measure.

Realized this afternoon that working six days last week means working only four this week! Which means this weekend, I will do something better than spend more than $300 on things I need. It's all one can do to escape the abyss of Target and Publix. Conversely, I now have pretty placemats and you know, food.

Lots and lots of Gilmore Girls later, I've been successfully made nostalgic for move-in day and tailgate parties. Somebody remind me of cleaning mold off the walls and the danger of any outdoors activity in rain-prone Florida.

Lt. Gaeta's first name is FELIX?!

"I think THINGS can SOLVE my PROBLEMS. Please don't let me know if they can't."
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Journal redesign strife. )

So, hey, I graduated college! Not that the whole renting a cap and gown, sitting through a long, boring ceremony, walking across a stage, shaking hands with the two people I would've been content to never meet, then bounce between two sets of relatives thing didn't feel real enough. But my diploma arrived in Saturday's mail. Really, by itself it was a fairly forlorn and unimpressive piece of parchment paper. But then I put it in the frame my mom got, and all of a sudden it's this official, regal document wrapped in mahogany that says thing like The University of Florida has conferred on and bachelor of science and all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, two of which I didn't even know were actual words, and upon recommendation of the faculty of the College of Journalism and Communications. I'm a journalist, y'all, a whole college's worth of faculty say so! It was neat, I had to swipe at my cheek a little while holding up the final result. It's such a satisfying thing, to be that much closer to the person I've always wanted to be.

Sports Editor Ted is likely a lost cause, Copy Editor Brandon and I have started to bond over questionable foods, and why I love working for Metro Editor Billy. )

Hitting up MegaCon in Orlando on Sunday was a neat little time warp exercise in remembering middle school, but otherwise largely unproductive. What's with the dearth of Stargate swag in the world? However, there was soft-serve ice cream and John Schneider (Bo Kent, as we call him down on the farm) juggling. He looked really ridiculously good, tan, longer hair with blondish highlights, fantastically fitting shirt, laughing and jumping around with fans. There was also driving with the top down in gorgeous, breezy weather, which meant not even getting a half hour's worth of lost dampened my spirits. And at the end of the day, I do have an Atlantis mission patch to sew on the ass of my favorite jeans.

The real reason for my lack of updates is that I've been reading SGA fic like a fiend. Came across something incredibly depressing the other day involving John and Rodney living to be old enough to retire from the Atlanis mission. They had bought a house by the ocean and Rodney swung a puddlejumper for the garage, and it was so hard to read. I don't even mean the fact that the likelihood of them living that long is infinitesimal, but the idea of wanting to preserve some pale shadow of the lives they'd led. Anyone who's ever lived knows the impossibility of recreating anything, a moment, a place, a memory. None of it will be perfect, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

As I fall deeper into the television abyss thanks to the DVR... )

And it's officially at the point where I'm making a list of things I have in my refrigerator as opposed to things I need. To Publix it is.

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