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Brief recaps of the past two months, and a day-in-the-life photo meme to kick off March.

JANUARY Started new job, freaked out, quit, editors pep talked me back into it. )

FEBRUARY Settled into new routine, found two more ways to occupy my life through online Scrabble and Naruto. )

MARCH A day in the life, through dialup-friendly pictures. )

And there you have it. Minus the speaking with dead people's families, watching houses burn down, useless at-our-convenience information officers and driving through seedy neighborhoods to it all. Why did I stay again?
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Aah, Halloween. It took two hours to get ready, putting on the knee socks was strange and unusual, and I have to remember that wearing scarlet and gold on this campus is not unlike having a target painted on one's forehead, but I think the effect was accomplished. Here is the final product:

It came out more Harry Potter on drag night, although I lost the ability to pass for a 15-year-old boy a long time ago. The hair came out perfect though, even if I probably have less of it than Dan Radcliffe right now. Did my French homework over an iced cappucino at Einstein's Bagels and enjoyed both the smiles and once-overs.

Work sucked. Incredible amounts. Mike left early on in the night, Krissi didn't come in, and while the news section wasn't huge, half the stories needed to be rewritten in some major or minor way, and fact-checking was done by nobody. Grr. Copy Editor Kayla was great though; she kept me company and listened to my vulgar teeth-gnashing while rechecking everything and calling everyone I asked her to, after midnight be damned. Teach people to do their jobs right the first time. Grr!

Atlantis blather. )

Photos, ahoy! )

Quote of the Day

"Guns don't kill people. Stupidity on the part of others makes people kill people."


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