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My brush with The Rachel, the self-fulfilling cycle of anxiety about my hair, and why Cumberskittles is responsible for this latest crisis. )

My new haircut is still drying, but all signs point to it being just as great as the first one. Everything is OK - for another six weeks.
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You know what's a great way to lose three months of your life? Move. Four times. Once intercontinentally, once cross-country, once from the fifth floor during a hurricane-induced blackout, into an apartment with zero furniture, and nothing of your own that didn't fit into four suitcases. It's been a bit of a rough start in New York.

As such, I've been neglecting LJ and Tumblr and everything, really, because my brain simply can't handle any more newness, which means I've been doing the mental equivalent of eating comfort food: rereading Stargate Atlantis fics. To give you some idea of my mindset, Supernatural has been my happy place. (It's less dysfunctional if you know that [personal profile] khaleesian got me into it after we traded Groundhog Day episodes of that show and SG-1, so it's all wrapped up in the warm fuzzies of Monday TV date nostalgia.)

Speaking of her! I was obviously holding her back because since she's been left to her own devices in the Arabian sandbox, she's produced The Song Unsung, an astonishing feat of worldbuilding that enchants from the first scene. Her Thor is refreshingly mature and empathetic while still retaining his bravado; her Loki confounds you right up until the end. It's a mystery AU featuring so much sexual tension that it will have you tearing your own hair (if you like that sort of thing, AND I DO), dragons, sassy women, and riddles in an offworld tavern. (But the best part? There is a sequel in progress and I am reading it right now!) Go forth and talk funny for the next day after you finish it like I did.
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The prole finally got to see what set the world on fire last week, and sadly it was not The Hobbit, which aside from Martin Freeman's Bilbo and Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield fell way short of The Lord of the Rings' high bar. Which is as patently unfair a comparison as it was inevitable, and Warner Brothers have no one to blame but themselves for forcing what was intended to be a two-part movie to stretch into a third. )

tl;dr I defer to the NYTimes: "Tolkien’s inventive, episodic tale of a modest homebody on a dangerous journey has been turned into an overscale and plodding spectacle."

So let's focus on the good! Those of us who grudgingly shelled out $44 for IMAX tickets and dragged along a husband who gets headaches from 3D got to see the first nine minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness, which was categorically AMAZEBALLS.

Detailed summary including confirmed spoilers beloooooow! )
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Dear JJ Abrams,

Please to be making more Star Trek movies ANY TIME, preferably very soon. Also, tell Zachary Quinto my husband is willing to share.



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