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Nothing much ever happens on Sundays because from 1-5 p.m., I invade dungeons and fight monsters on the Internet with nine other like-minded raiders. This was our last chance to take down the final boss in Throne of Thunder before the new raid tier goes live on Tuesday, and let's just say that not killing Lei Shen was the least of our problems.

In cat news, the Mr. and I bought plastic tubing meant to protect our computer wires because one of our cats likes to punish us for not feeding him whenever he thinks it's time by chewing through the nearest cable. We've lost count of how many computer mice, chargers and headphones have been lost to his tyranny, and are slowly transitioning what we can to the cordless life. But recently, he claimed a new and much more serious casualty: the power cord to the Mr.'s monitor. Hence, plastic tubing to protect all our precious things, and his precious kitty face in the process. Except he's decided that the tubing's texture is DIVINE and obviously, like everything else in this world, meant for his mouth. Sigh.

There was also a bit of Naruto Shippuden (didn't see the Village Hidden in the Leaves being wiped off the map coming, *sniff*) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (still as angry about the confrontation with Snape on the lawn as ever), catching up on LJ and fiddling with my Sherlock vid after getting some beta feedback. I'm a writer but not of fiction, so I haven't ever really put a subjective work up for an audience before, and it's been fascinating to see what people notice.
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It feels like there hasn't been any new news for two weeks. Of course, this doesn't mean we didn't put out a paper, because the 24-hour news cycle doesn't need something worthy to happen to keep churning along as anyone who's watched cable news will tell you. But it did make for some long coffee breaks while we wondered what the hell the world has been up to, and the hilarity of a weeklong Miley Cyrus twerk binge morphing into whether we should retaliate for the chemical attacks in Syria.

Speaking of those long coffee breaks, a male colleague told us about a party where they played a game that involved everyone trading phones and having free rein for five minutes, and I can't imagine a more heinous way to spend five minutes. I don't want to know that much about anyone else, and vice versa.

Rewatched Order of the Phoenix today, and didn't remember the showdown in the Ministry for Magic being that underwhelming. However, this was only my second time watching this movie, since of all of them it was the worst offender in terms of omissions.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappucino: An A+ way to tide your cravings over until the weather turns cold enough for lattes.

There will come a time when my life isn't all Nicki Minaj all the time, but this week was not it. Now if you'll excuse me, my pumpkin coffee and I are going back to scrolling through all the beautiful pictures of Cumberskittles at the Toronto Film Festival (speaking of him, ICYMI, there's now glorious footage of the Star Trek Neutron Cream prank.)
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Say that it's mere "brotherhood" or "friendship" if you will. But when the Bad Thing (sob) happens at the end of X-Men: First Class, Erik doesn't respond exactly like a buddy. He passionately drops 500 missiles, clutches Charles to his chest, homicidally freaks out at everyone else on the beach and then basically proposes marriage ("I want you by my side") — all while looking like he wants to kill himself. -E! Online

It's been a month now, since seeing First Class, and every day I think, this is the one where I can put into words what I love so much about Charles/Erik. But then I read shmoopy telepathic sex while they're having breakfast with the kids and love it just as much as the one where humanity is winning the war and Charles takes the other dose of Hank's serum and has his vengeance. There's just nothing I can say no to in this fandom. I'm sure that will change, but right now, it's pure, fervent love. My newest source of joy is [ profile] mcfassy - gorgeous pictures, avid commenters, amazing RPF. Also, Advanced interviewing techniques with James McAvoy, which involves dodgeball and KISSING THE MALE INTERVIEWER WHAT. How does this EXIST? Also, I need a minute in my bunk with the visual of his shaggy hair and those black jeans. I think my folder of McAvoy pics is already larger than the one of my cats. o.O

[ profile] ishtar79 has been scanning and recapping the comics canon of Charles and Erik's Big Gay Love, which has always been big and gay. When Charles "ascends", for lack of a better word, he asks Erik to take over as headmaster! And a thousand other little revelations.

Had a request for first-time fic involving "anguish and pent-up desire" from [ profile] saturn92103, and kind of fumbled the ball because when one person is telepathic and the other one loves you just the way you are, it's hard to complicate the attraction. )

I'm working up the guts to watch Atonement. We bought it on a DVD binge for the same reason that Crash was on Netflix's top 50 rentals for years - it's a movie you're "supposed" to see. McAvoy and his beautiful mouth might be worth the pain. [ETA: Saw a trailer for The Conspirator and UNF, fuck me sideways with that American accent and beard.]

Speaking of trailers, Deathly Hallows part deux gave me goosebumps. The battle of Hogwarts is going to be EPIC, idec that they invented the courtyard duel between Harry and Voldemort along with half the other scenes. Having seen the film already, DanRad would have us believe that Alan Rickman gave what he modestly calls "the greatest performance of his career", and god the trailer made me hope that this will be Snape's movie as much as it was his book. He was my favorite before it became mainstream fashion, because even during the first book I scratched my head to say, "Why does Dumbledore allow a Death Eater to teach the next generations of wizards, but won't give him the Defense Against the Dark Arts post?" And say whatever else you want about JK Rowling's writing or the series, but she made good on his potential, and for that nothing else matters. The films have not done him much justice - I'm still bitter that he didn't get his "Blocked again and again, and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!" line in Half-Blood Prince. I hope this one will be different.

I don't talk about Warcraft much, but my guild kicked in the teeth of every Tier 11 end-game boss before 4.2 dropped, including a one-shot of Al'Akir, so we've proven that we're ready for Firelands. We made a few half-hearted attempts at Shannox this week, but personally, I spent most of the raid time gawking - I didn't play in the time of outdoor world bosses, and while Firelands is a proper raid instance (so no unleashing Doom Lord Kazzak to lay waste to Stormwind) there is sky and no walls and everything feels a little more dangerous.

PS. Tell me that living in a decommissioned Titan missile site in Colorado wouldn't be awesome. Half-mile corridors! Cold War-era control panels! Blast doors! If we had the money, this would totally happen.
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I had forgotten how utterly satisfying Deathly Hallows was in many respects. The redemption of Snape, while melodramatic, legitimized Dumbledore's "power of love" credo. Speaking of whom, Aberforth is kind of my hero for laying out every way in which he was a shady bastard. And Harry's own realization that he was a lamb to the slaughter the whole time was a brave thing to do, tearing down the ultimate kindly father figure in a children's book.

This post brought to you by my recent pilgrimage to "Harry Potter Land" in Orlando.

[Bad username or site: walkingshadow and I grinning like idiots in front of the Three Broomsticks! @]Bonus shot of [ profile] walkingshadow and I grinning like idiots in front of the Three Broomsticks!

We pretty much walked around like that for two days. Proof, kids, that your face will NOT in fact freeze that way!
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My fortune from tonight's Chinese fare: "There is a nice cake in your future." Which would be the best fortune EVER, if I hadn't just spent the past three days eating cake for a wedding, a retirement, an intra-office award, an NYTimes company award, monthly office-wide birthday celebrations, and a departing co-worker.

On the other hand, cheap calories are an excellent stimulant to keep one immersed in crackpot HP theories. I am headfirst right back in, baby.

so close!

Feb. 13th, 2007 01:40 pm
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Last night, I dreamt I was taking part in a special scavenger hunt organized by the publisher of the Harry Potter books. The town it was being held in was expectedly overrun, but despite the chaos I managed to decipher the first six items pretty easily. The final clue seemed to have a lot of the contestants crowding into a local hospital, thinking it was there, to the point where you couldn't get inside. I took one look at the bottleneck and decided I wasn't that crazy, and went across the street to an outdoor cafe run by an elderly couple.

The woman came outside to drink coffee with me, and while watching the insanity said it was too bad that the cafe was all out of their special chocolate dessert today, seeing as it's unique to the shop. And I put the clue and her statement together and realized the last item in the hunt was fudge! I stood up and yelled it (and isn't it odd to have a eureka moment in a dream - I mean, aren't you the writer, director and actor?) and one of the judges heard me, came over, checked my items and finally declared me the winner. There was a huge parade, and on the final float was JK Rowling, who personally handed me a copy of Deathly Hallows.

And right then, of course, I woke up. Argh!
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So, it's all over [ profile] ohnotheydidnt, but Brandon was the first to show me this: Authors to Rowling: Don't kill Harry Potter

Now, copy editors (in this case the onus is on Reuters, as the headline is probably theirs) sometimes don't read stories as closely as they should, sometimes don't pay much attention because they want to go on dinner break, or may finish but look only at the top couple of graphs before slapping something that fits whatever specs they were given. As a copy editor myself, I do this on 20-inch water management district stories all the time.

However, Stephen King never said he didn't want Harry to die. He paid the highest compliment possible to a creator - that he hoped for a "fair" fate for Harry. Rock on, sir, for respecting her work like that. As to his allusion to Sherlock Holmes' watery quasi-demise, I took that to mean his clarification that should it come to death, he didn't want Harry to meet his end in a bit of authorial hissy fit of control.

I sent a note about it. But I think [ profile] saturn92103 is at the conference, so maybe she can clear things up. [EDIT: Sadly, she is instead back in my state just in time for the West Coast heat wave.] As to the rest of the story, loved King and Irving thinking of themselves as "warm-up bands," and on a personal note, JKR's willingness to kill off characters when it serves the plot is kind of awesome.

Relatedly, this time courtesy of the comm: Lloyd Webber Rues Missing Out on Harry Potter the Musical

My heart, she breaks. We could've had melodramatic crescendos about Harry's ch-ch-ch-changes!
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My new weekend, Tuesday and Wednesday, are winding down, and I am all of one more episode out from rewatching Season One. Before I Sleep really is a fantastic episode. Elizabeth would so do that, and if one is willing to grant her no other virtue than this episode, she does not fail at life as the leader of Atlantis.

Aurora, yay! )

Here lies vidding madness. )

Relatedly, Ron and Hermione can't die in Book Seven. I totally get Harry dying, but not those two. Not that I believe they will, but JKR should consider this a pre-emptive strike against any plans she may have to the contrary.

On why I like Rodney when all logic would point to John, even if we didn't accomplish any conclusions. )

Huh. Unpacking is complete, and I am somehow out my coffee pot (but not maker), a toaster, and some DVD boxes. Weird. Also, SAD, because coffee! [whimper]

P.S. Dear Florida, It is the MIDDLE OF JANUARY, why can't I open the patio door to cool my apartment instead of turning on the A/C? No love and sweating, -Jules
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So, everybody and their mothers have been on to Book Seven spoilers months ago, but having just finished Half-Blood Prince myself, I'm going to reflect. )
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My day sucked. )

Well, I did get home eventually (going up to 94 mph on the freeway does that), but made a detour on the off chance that Gator Cinemas would still have tickets for tonight. Which I find out they do, only to realize I'd left my debit card in the back pocket of the jeans I wore yesterday. Grr!

I scraped together $5 from my purse and car to buy one ticket, then busted it home, broke out my Gryffindor scarf (love to [ profile] pierydys), had Mike slap on clothes and hauled it back there to see if they still had any left. Well, as it turned out, they had EXACTLY ONE ticket left, and there was much rejoicing. Mike then made good and a half, buying me two Margaritas the size of my head at Don Pablo's, and we got in line drunk and happy right next to the offices of one Robert Crum (Mike hadn't read GoF, so I told him to keep an eye out as to why that amused me) to wait to be let in for the 11 p.m. show.

Here be spoilers for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire )

Quote of the Day

"What's the point of AA when you can be drunk?"
-me, after "a lot" of tequila
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I'm doing a project for a university class regarding canon-based speculation about the Harry Potter books, whether the source is Web authors or LJers or fiction writers. It's a very anything goes free-for-all of the best and weirdest fandom's come up with. I'm looking for any special/eclectic resources and also have a few canon-based questions, as it's admittedly been a few months since I re-read the books.

- Any sites devoted to theories - conspiracy, speculation, or otherwise - relating to canon as set forth within the books. Everyone knows about Knight2King, but I'm sure there are heaps more out there. It doesn't matter how outlandish the proposition, I'd just love some off-the-beaten-path sources.

- Any sites that take an in-depth look at the books for whatever purpose, whether character development, hints for possible future events, to check facts (i.e. the population of Hogwarts, the ages of the Weasley siblings) etc.

- Any sites with archived interviews with J.K. Rowling, as I'm willing to consider what she says about the books and events as good as the words within them.

Canon Questions )

Resources I've gathered so far... )

I'm fairly new to HP fandom and don't have very many people of that persuasion on my f'list, so any crossposting and/or links back here would be much appreciated, as, of course, is any advice and suggestions of anything mentioned here or that you think I may have missed. Sources used will be appropriately credited, as well as any contributors, should they wish to be. Thanks in advance!


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