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A list, because I haven't been able to congeal a complex thought in weeks. Does heat work like that? It's already been 111 degrees here, which is enough to melt stone, so possibly.

Can you die from lack of sleep? | Slate
Theoretically, yes, from hypothermia (?!) or the bacteria in your gut leaking into the rest of your body because your immune system can't keep them in check, among other fates.

Does Wal-Mart make you skinny? | The Daily Beast
In a statistically significant way, apparently, by being a source of inexpensive fresh produce. Having a Wal-Mart in a community is equivalent to a 6.5 rise in annual income, which I find fascinating.

NBC saves 'Chuck' | Airlock Alpha
YESSSSS. I love that little show.

'Galactica' set to drain your checkbook | The Indianapolis Star
I really can't justify spending $250 on things I already own, but those extras sound AMAZING.

Over the Wall | The New York Times
Christoph Niemann's work is always simple, like each entry was co-written and designed by his young sons, poignant and smart.

School canteen opens as restaurant to avoid closure | The Mirror

Banker rescues family of ducks | KOMO News
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Thanks to the latest episode of Family Guy, I realized what my baser instincts have always loved about Bill Clinton. Setting the married issue aside (or not!) when he walks into a bar, he's equally likely to hit on the hottest girl everyone's buying drinks for as the wallflower in the corner.

In other shallow news, Michael Shanks. In the course of rewatching Absolute Power, it's come to every fiber of my being's attention that Daniel Jackson is dangerously capable of being evil and still irrefusably appealing. I have no defenses against him whatsoever.

Elsewhere, I can't decide whether to be thoroughly mortified about the Jane Fonda/Stephen Colbert interview fit for nowhere but Showtime after hours or admire her gall. He's married! But then, she did succeed in ruffling him, something that I don't think has happened since the show began. Basically, I'd love to do as I please but not if it means violating someone's personal space.

It was brought to my attention that Amy Sherman-Palladino may have written Lee Adama's explosive witness-pulpit monologue, and I was not surprised at all. He doesn't generally stand out, but damn was I a gaping fool after that.

Twitter is too metaphysical to keep me from going insane after answering that question so many times. Although if David Hewlett wants to do it, who am I not to cheer the fad?

BAD: Subtropical Storm Andrea formed right next to my state (we're supposed to get a week of nail-biting network news suspense with weather maps and wildly varying landfall predictions! NOT FAIR.) more than three full weeks before hurricane season begins. GOOD: You can't argue with the breezy cool weather as it sucks up all the humidity and wretched, choking heat that descended weeks ago. It's the only thing keeping us going through the demoralizing chore of doing anything outside in the constant haze and rain of ash from the more than 200 wildfires burning in said fair state. Oy.

In conclusion, office bureaucracy is the irony of the communications industry. Irony that almost made me choke a bitch today. But then, is irony anything but a kick in the pants?
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I was mostly tagging along to MegaCon in Orlando tomorrow with Brandon and some of his friends.

Until checking the media guests page tonight, which turned up Jamie Bamber and MARY McDONNELL.

How is it that it's more likely I'll be coherent with Apollo than the president? Although I do plan to stammer something about how she and Adama buoy an otherwise thoroughly bleak show. I've said this before, but I'd want those two as the parents of my new world.
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After a delightful and ludicrously productive (I refuse to blame the lack of Internets, because that way lies madness) train trip through Central Florida, I made [ profile] walkingshadow drive me around to places she had to decide on, all in the name of celebrating her birthday. Man, don't you all want me as your friend? I did bring the first season of Battlestar Galactica along, which went just as I suspected. And it's not like either one of us is ever terribly put out by Thai food and gelato and singing Starship in the car.

"Hi, I read gay fiction about television characters, how's your latte?" )

I can't believe no one's ever done (link in comments) before. I mean I do, whatwith you know, slash and the safety of a show that is neither on network TV nor going for any sort of heteronormativity, but this is just cool. Relatedly, even Sci-Fi's ads for The Long Goodbye read as a big gay John/Rodney lovefest, and so long as we have such obligingly cheeky creators (who already obliquely borrow from the fans' stuff anyway, case in point,) it's all good.

In other successful pimping news, spent a very enjoyable night e-mailing back and forth with Former Editor Mike, who's so wound on Battlestar Galactica he's not only writing fic but contemplating SONGFIC. The glee I have defies measure.

Realized this afternoon that working six days last week means working only four this week! Which means this weekend, I will do something better than spend more than $300 on things I need. It's all one can do to escape the abyss of Target and Publix. Conversely, I now have pretty placemats and you know, food.

Lots and lots of Gilmore Girls later, I've been successfully made nostalgic for move-in day and tailgate parties. Somebody remind me of cleaning mold off the walls and the danger of any outdoors activity in rain-prone Florida.

Lt. Gaeta's first name is FELIX?!

"I think THINGS can SOLVE my PROBLEMS. Please don't let me know if they can't."
-[ profile] helenish
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Thanks to [ profile] call_signs and Designer John, I've got Battlestar Galactica drums haunting my waking life. Seriously, it's like your heart syncs to it, and your palms sweat and you cast furtive glances over your shoulder because they look like us now.

And as I'm just up through Six Degrees of Separation, I don't yet know who else that might be.

Former Editor Mike came by for a 15-hour marathon session of viewing and meta between 1 a.m. last night until 4 this afternoon. We talked "a lot" but, unsurprisingly, agreed on virtually nothing. He's a good kid, but sometimes it amazes me that we actually worked well together for nine months.

Wherein I rave and rave and rave... )

I want to know it ALL.


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