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...were upon us more than two weeks ago. I only got through about 70% of them before reveals went live, but I did watch them all! And oh, so many amazing vids. Here are my top 20. )
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Title: I Can't Do It Alone
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Music: I Can't Do It Alone from Chicago
Summary: Then we wow the crowd again.
Notes: After The Empty Hearse, I wanted something happy damn it (no spoilers).

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Nothing much ever happens on Sundays because from 1-5 p.m., I invade dungeons and fight monsters on the Internet with nine other like-minded raiders. This was our last chance to take down the final boss in Throne of Thunder before the new raid tier goes live on Tuesday, and let's just say that not killing Lei Shen was the least of our problems.

In cat news, the Mr. and I bought plastic tubing meant to protect our computer wires because one of our cats likes to punish us for not feeding him whenever he thinks it's time by chewing through the nearest cable. We've lost count of how many computer mice, chargers and headphones have been lost to his tyranny, and are slowly transitioning what we can to the cordless life. But recently, he claimed a new and much more serious casualty: the power cord to the Mr.'s monitor. Hence, plastic tubing to protect all our precious things, and his precious kitty face in the process. Except he's decided that the tubing's texture is DIVINE and obviously, like everything else in this world, meant for his mouth. Sigh.

There was also a bit of Naruto Shippuden (didn't see the Village Hidden in the Leaves being wiped off the map coming, *sniff*) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (still as angry about the confrontation with Snape on the lawn as ever), catching up on LJ and fiddling with my Sherlock vid after getting some beta feedback. I'm a writer but not of fiction, so I haven't ever really put a subjective work up for an audience before, and it's been fascinating to see what people notice.
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Would Iron Man and Batman count as superheroes? (Thanks, [personal profile] par_avion, it's your fault that I've been thinking about this all day.)

Oh god you guys, I need to be eased back into the real world after five days of conventioneering, because my boss came in today and this was our word-for-word greeting:

Boss: "Hey, welcome back! We missed you!"
Me: "I didn't miss anyone here."

In non-feral English that was actually, "This weekend was so intense and immersive that there was no awareness of the world outside SpringHill Suites, so I couldn't miss what didn't exist." AND THEN:

Boss: "Do you think you'll write about [VividCon]?"
Me: "I don't think norms would understand it."

FFS YOU DON'T SAY 'NORM' TO A NORM. In my defense, I was caffeine-deficient and spent 15 hours in a car yesterday on top of five days of being able to say exactly what I was thinking as soon as I thought it. But seriously, it felt as heinously embarrassing as my nightmare of walking around high school without pants.

Fortunately, my boss is both sympathetic to post-vacation funk and generally cool, so she waylaid the conversation into theorizing about whether one of her ovaries was possibly "exploding" and suggested we become the kind of co-workers "who say inappropriate things to one another at 9 a.m." My husband has been displaced as the person I love the most today.

Some links:

  • It's only a matter of time before Google can answer personal questions.
  • "The royal couple playing at 'normal' parenthood is no more authentic than Marie Antoinette dressed as a shepherdess."
  • Another reason not to ride a bike in New York: Cops will crash you to write a ticket.
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    Actually, it all came together while I was pleasantly drunk at Fan Thursday earlier this month. I asked [personal profile] par_avion if she was going and oh-so-casually invited myself along on her road trip. We just finished the 15-hour journey from NYC to Chicago with [personal profile] geekturnedvamp, talking VividCon history, the Doctor's sexuality, whether the con is for vidders or watchers, the pitfalls of musical theater songs and approximately a million other things, while managing to break free of a possible recursive timeloop between two eerily identical rest stops in Indiana. I can only vouch for the coffee at one of them though.

    I was awake for about 28 hours yesterday/today (up all night packing, still managed to forget my Kindle and toothbrush - expect nothing less). So I should be asleep, instead of clutching a mug of Earl Grey to ward off assorted anxieties about what's to come. The vid-loving part of me is dying to be sitting in a panel already to sponge up alllll the technical knowledge. The socially anxious part, meanwhile, is terrified because talking to strangers is one thing, but talking to famous strangers whose work gives you as many feels as the source material? I know a few of the attendees face to face, but have never been to a small fan-run convention. But I hear that sometimes, people go places to meet new people instead of bringing people they already know there? Let's hope that's not just a rumor.

    Mostly though, I'm so psyched. Goal for the weekend: become more technically proficient at the nuts and bolts of what makes a good vid. Optional: get a vidder's assessment of a super sekrit Sherlock project I've been fiddling with for more than a year(!) so [personal profile] khaleesian will stop casting disappointed looks my way. That show made me revisit my vidding career, cut short eight years ago, when I crashed and burned with Windows Movie Maker (three seconds of footage in three hours was not the ROI I'd expected.) But Adobe Premiere has made things infinitely more pleasant, and it looks more or less how I'd imagined, and despite having watched it a hundred times still makes me smile, so that's gotta count for something?

    In conclusion: wildly last-minute road trip! Premieres! How to establish a vid's point of view! Club Vivid! THE AUCTION!
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    Sneaking this in just under the wire before reveals are posted (for the first year ever I've watched them ALL! Unemployment has its perks?) because I love the anonymous comment period, when everyone's vids get watched without any brand names attached. [ETA: Reveals are live, names added!]

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Your Disco Needs You | [personal profile] thingswithwings
    Proof that I don't eat a steady diet of angst. Awesome and fun!

    Batman: Under the Red Hood - This Night | [profile] dragonchic
    As if this franchise needed more tragedy. AND YET.

    Brideshead Revisited - Mowgli's Road | [personal profile] obsessive24
    Beautiful, indolent, conflicted, just like its source.

    Cabin in the Woods - Feel Good Inc. | [personal profile] jetpack_monkey
    Got horror? Make a comedy!

    Carrie (1976) - Love on Top | [personal profile] sweetestdrain
    What we've got here, I think, is a Very Special Episode of what happens when you bully. Personally, it's the best PSA I've ever seen.

    Channing Tatum - Wild One | [personal profile] sisabet
    You can't fault his lust for life. Or his ass-shaking. Man has skillz.

    The City of Lost Children - Miette Pour La Vie | [personal profile] franzeska
    A surreal romp through the imagination, set to accordion music.

    Colombiana - Not Afraid | [personal profile] cupidsbow
    I love me some stylized violence.

    Dead Poets Society - Measuring Cups | [personal profile] isagel
    Gorgeous, funny and so very, very sad.

    Good Will Hunting - Diamonds | [personal profile] rhoboat
    Lovely character study.

    The Hollow Crown - Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking | [personal profile] obsessive24
    I'm always in awe when a vidder makes her audience understand what's happening without any prior knowledge of the source. But more than that, there is some seriously deft storytelling going on here, even if it begins and ends with Tom Hiddleston dead on a slab of marble.

    Hook - Tonight, Tonight | [personal profile] bradcpu
    Loved the vidder switching between characters for each of the "believe in me as I believe in you" choruses.

    A League of Their Own - Va Va Voom and Revolution | [personal profile] rhoboat and [personal profile] trelkez
    Grrl power!

    Mad Men - Smoke and Mirrors | [personal profile] obsessive24
    A show I've somehow managed to not see a single episode of, but I want to now to properly appreciate this vid. Woah.

    Maru - Living in a Box | Little Heaven
    One cat's love affair with folded cardboard.

    Mayhem (Allstate) - Mayhem Is Coming | sabaceanbabe
    An amazing montage of hands-down my favorite insurance ad campaign.

    Persuasion - Sway | [personal profile] trelkez
    Goddamn it, Jane Austen. I'll just be in the corner with a box of tissues and hugging all my feels tight so they don't burst through my chest.

    Robin Hood: Men in Tights - Amusements in Tights | Heather
    I thought I couldn't love this movie any more, and then this video came along and I very nearly gave myself a hernia from laughing so hard. It's PERF.

    Sense&Sensibility - Rondo | [personal profile] heresluck
    Period drama set to Mozart = unexpectedly fun!

    Shaun of the Dead - Under Pressure | [personal profile] meddow
    He was having a bad week even before the zombies arrived.

    Teen Wolf - OMG | [personal profile] trelkez
    Two words: goober montage.

    Wolverine and the X-Men - Wars | [profile] dragonchic
    Geez, when did cartoons get this bleak?
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    My new weekend, Tuesday and Wednesday, are winding down, and I am all of one more episode out from rewatching Season One. Before I Sleep really is a fantastic episode. Elizabeth would so do that, and if one is willing to grant her no other virtue than this episode, she does not fail at life as the leader of Atlantis.

    Aurora, yay! )

    Here lies vidding madness. )

    Relatedly, Ron and Hermione can't die in Book Seven. I totally get Harry dying, but not those two. Not that I believe they will, but JKR should consider this a pre-emptive strike against any plans she may have to the contrary.

    On why I like Rodney when all logic would point to John, even if we didn't accomplish any conclusions. )

    Huh. Unpacking is complete, and I am somehow out my coffee pot (but not maker), a toaster, and some DVD boxes. Weird. Also, SAD, because coffee! [whimper]

    P.S. Dear Florida, It is the MIDDLE OF JANUARY, why can't I open the patio door to cool my apartment instead of turning on the A/C? No love and sweating, -Jules


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