Apr. 17th, 2008

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I'm about to go sleep the sleep of one who stayed up for the day's first call to prayer, but there was no way we were leaving the makeshift printing hangar without getting a copy of the very first edition of The National.

Yeah, slightly blue, but it's Volume 1, Issue 1! We're finally official! None of us left our seats tonight despite a lighter-than-normal workload because suddenly, after three months of putting out what felt like a college paper with minimal responsibility for the end result, the whole world would see today's edition. Despite standing in heels for four hours, two paper jams and much doubt, we launched a newspaper. I'm not sure anyone will ever get to do that again.

[ETA: Check out the video on CNN.com: Arab answer to The New York Times? In the teaser shot, Mike is in the foreground with my hubby just behind him!]
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So I'm skimming a year's worth of fannish backlog like you do sometimes, and in the midsts of all the moot discussions about where fandom could flee and end-of-HP wank, I found this pseudo-meme (the kind that a single person originates as a random thought and others join in through comments) about media quotes that have stuck with you. And I'm really not in the proper fannish mindset to remember the nuances that become fodder for epics and in-jokes and generally up one's street cred, but I do still love fandom and media even all the way out here and just thinking about it while walking down the street makes me smile. So, list. )

Anyone else?


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