Aug. 15th, 2013

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Actually, it all came together while I was pleasantly drunk at Fan Thursday earlier this month. I asked [personal profile] par_avion if she was going and oh-so-casually invited myself along on her road trip. We just finished the 15-hour journey from NYC to Chicago with [personal profile] geekturnedvamp, talking VividCon history, the Doctor's sexuality, whether the con is for vidders or watchers, the pitfalls of musical theater songs and approximately a million other things, while managing to break free of a possible recursive timeloop between two eerily identical rest stops in Indiana. I can only vouch for the coffee at one of them though.

I was awake for about 28 hours yesterday/today (up all night packing, still managed to forget my Kindle and toothbrush - expect nothing less). So I should be asleep, instead of clutching a mug of Earl Grey to ward off assorted anxieties about what's to come. The vid-loving part of me is dying to be sitting in a panel already to sponge up alllll the technical knowledge. The socially anxious part, meanwhile, is terrified because talking to strangers is one thing, but talking to famous strangers whose work gives you as many feels as the source material? I know a few of the attendees face to face, but have never been to a small fan-run convention. But I hear that sometimes, people go places to meet new people instead of bringing people they already know there? Let's hope that's not just a rumor.

Mostly though, I'm so psyched. Goal for the weekend: become more technically proficient at the nuts and bolts of what makes a good vid. Optional: get a vidder's assessment of a super sekrit Sherlock project I've been fiddling with for more than a year(!) so [personal profile] khaleesian will stop casting disappointed looks my way. That show made me revisit my vidding career, cut short eight years ago, when I crashed and burned with Windows Movie Maker (three seconds of footage in three hours was not the ROI I'd expected.) But Adobe Premiere has made things infinitely more pleasant, and it looks more or less how I'd imagined, and despite having watched it a hundred times still makes me smile, so that's gotta count for something?

In conclusion: wildly last-minute road trip! Premieres! How to establish a vid's point of view! Club Vivid! THE AUCTION!


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