Aug. 16th, 2013

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We spent the calm before the [community profile] vividcon storm trying to cushion our fall from the inevitable dopamine/caffeine/cheap carb crash of the next three days. First up were back-to-back shopping trips to two supermarkets (oh, Trader Joe's, you always make me think of [profile] giddyupnow.) Having lived in dense urban centers for six years, I've forgotten the unfathomable luxury of a grocery store with near infinite choices where EVERYTHING is in stock, with aisles three carts wide and a car to haul it all home. Also, where else are you going to run into [personal profile] laurashapiro, [personal profile] shrift and [personal profile] nestra in the produce section? My joy really can't be overstated.

There was also some room-shifting, a margarita with a wine chaser, meeting so SO so many people (all of them unfailingly enthusiastic and friendly), dinner at a delicious little Italian place (butternut squash ravioli in marscapone sauce, where have you been all my life) newbie orientation (there are only four of us, which was surprising) and a couple of late-night hours spent trading vid recs and stories with [personal profile] geekturnedvamp (we agreed that Rolling in the Deep is not an experience for the emotionally fragile.) She's the perfect roommate, since I've lost quite a few civilized habits having lived with a boy for seven years, and she already carries on conversations after sitting down on the toilet.

Peeked at the premieres list, and the prospect of a [personal profile] rhoboat vid of Assassin's Creed already has me swooning. Honorable mention will likely go to Iron Man set to The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now," because the vid to that song would be the perfect length for the second movie.


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