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Today, my editor asked if I'd be interested in writing episode recaps of the upcoming season of Sherlock because "you know more about it than most." Stand down everyone, the award for Understatement of the Year has been claimed. I enthusiastically accepted, but then had to explain that the last two series had months-long delays between the British and American airdates, and we debated whether people in the States would wait or try to get their hands on it illegally (really though, we were debating whether publishing it right away or waiting would get more pageviews).

I'm tempted to say that fans of the show, and therefore the people likely to read episode analyses, would watch it as soon as possible (god knows I'll spend that night obsessively hitting the refresh button on Pirate Bay) if for no other reason than it would be next to impossible to remain unspoiled about how Sherlock faked his death if you're on any kind of social media website or read any pop culture blogs. Of course, the wider Internet isn't your commuter paper, where you wouldn't be on your guard for spoilers if you didn't known the episode had aired. Ugh. I don't know what the right call is here.

In other TV news, Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show from Jordan a bit culture shocked and high strung, and man do I have buckets of sympathy. Every year we came back home for a two-week break from the Middle East we felt the same way: really grateful for Target and Mexican food; a bit disconcerted by how little clothing people wear in public after wall-to-wall dishdashas and abayas; and wanting to bathe in Americana (which in Florida meant a trip to the theme parks and World of Beer).

These feels don't happen on arrival - they take a few months of frustration at not being able to buy what you want at grocery stores, trying to deal with labyrinthine bureaucracy designed to waste your money and time, and adjusting to an entirely different pace of life and social discourse. We were chatting in Ikea maybe a couple months after arriving in 2008 when a man walked up to us. "Are you guys Americans?" he asked in a slightly desperate tone. We nodded, a little freaked out, and he burst into a huge smile and shook all our hands in both of his, saying that it's so rare to hear American accents and how happy he was to meet all of us. It struck us as strange at the time, but yeah, we got there eventually too.

Finally, fannish marketers are so much more savvy than the people actually paid to promote a show: [personal profile] cesperanza may well have talked me into Luther with the line, "It's as if Batman fell in love with the Joker." Um, YES PLEASE.
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