Feb. 12th, 2014 01:24 am
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...were upon us more than two weeks ago. I only got through about 70% of them before reveals went live, but I did watch them all! And oh, so many amazing vids. Here are my top 20.

Almost Famous | How Does It Feel (Joyo)
This is being young, on the cusp of something new, rock 'n' roll, life on the open road.

The Americans | Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe? ([personal profile] ohvienna)
It sure seems like an impossible situation, but I'll take this vid's word for it and check out the show (finally).

Big | This Could All Be Yours ([personal profile] fan_eunice)
So joyful.

Constantine | Psalm 40:2 (mithborien)
I have a serious pro-Mountain Goats bias, and this vid is proof that they make everything better. Grips you and holds you tight the whole way.

Hard Candy | Teardrop ([personal profile] fan_eunice)
This was as intelligently edited as it was hard to watch. Great job. (Heed the content warnings.)

Interview With the Vampire | Trouble
And now for something completely different, Louis/Lestat set to Taylor Swift. [personal profile] bironic is a kind of magic.

Marx Brothers | A Night Like This (thirdblindmouse)
Sublime start to finish.

Masters of Sex | Sex Yeah ([personal profile] violace)
Not actually what it says on the tin! Hooray for ladies challenging traditional gender/social/sexual roles.

The Muppets | Love Can Move Mountains (odessie)
An ode to friendship, and a song that could well have been written by the Muppets themselves. So, so heartwarming.

Pacific Rim | Keep Your Picture Clear ([personal profile] kaydeefalls)
It's always great when secondary characters get enough development to merit their own vid, and this one is spectacular.

Raging Phoenix | Let's Get It Started (shati)
Take a deep breath before starting this vid, because you'll forget to while it's going.

The Red Shoes | The Red Shoes ([personal profile] luminosity)
Will there come a time when VAST doesn't make me cry? Is there a happy Hans Christian Andersen story? Either way, it's beautiful, if I could see it through the tears.

Sleepy Hollow | Moonlight ([personal profile] bradcpu)
Sums up the subtitle of this show: Abbie and Ichabod save the WORLD!

Snow White and the Huntsman | kneel before the queen (Dogstar)
A wistful reminder that the movie could've been great too with better editing and less overacting.

Spirited Away | Kids (shati)
The song's refrain, "Take only what you need," will stick with you.

Strange Days | Sleep No More (isagel)
I'm not familiar with the source, but I hope it lives up to this vid.

The Tudors | No Church in the Wild ([personal profile] obsessive24)
Flawless, especially if you know Henry VIII's relevance to religion in England. Perfect song choice, really smartly cut and gripping.

Ultraviolet | Carpe Diem (Crowie)
I may not know what's happening, but damn did it unfold elegantly.

Warm Bodies | Uncharted ([personal profile] sweetestdrain)
Aaaah, so many fuzzy zombie feelings.

Wonder Woman | Breath of Life (dragonchic)
Really lovely character study.
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