Aug. 17th, 2013

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I have gushing and even coherent things to say about many VividCon-related things, like [personal profile] sisabet's lighthearted stress panel, and all the many things [personal profile] absolutedestiny taught us about song choice and how not to waste our time and motivation on a project that's doomed from the start. There was the catharsis of Failed Experiments in Video Editing and a clever analysis of Tumblr as a source of new art techniques and inspiration for vidders through GIFsets. Yesterday, I wouldn't have blinked at its demise, but for the first time since joining it seems to serve a purpose beyond an easy, mindless way to kill a few hours.

But all of that will come later, because it's after 1 a.m. and I just spent three hours dancing my ass off (this despite having had a real dinner so it took three drinks to properly loosen up) at Club Vivid, which was truly a thing of excellence top to bottom. Highlights were the opening vid, Raise Your Glass (Community), a triumphant salute to the human spirit; the entire roomful of people screaming and jumping along during Smells Like Westeros Spirit (Game of Thrones); having to choke back tears for the SECOND TIME TODAY over Doctor Who (FFS I'm not even in that fandom) over Scream; and Leia not taking any guff in Don't Call Me Baby (Star Wars). Somewhere in there, between the adrenaline of dancing and the liquor, I got to thank [personal profile] svmadelyn for her and [personal profile] seperis almost causing me to fail my college freshman year finals by discovering Smallville three weeks prior.

The only question is why we don't throw another party just like it tomorrow night.


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