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The tl;dr of my three-week radio silence after the fannish renaissance that was VividCon was a whole lot of real life stuff crashing down on my shoulders, and my response to stress is keeping as busy as possible so I can't think about anything else and just collapsing into bed at the end of the day.

So let's talk about the fun bits of the past week!

I have it on the good authority of a guest star that Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane on my favorite new guilty pleasure, Sleepy Hollow, is a very funny man who finds humor even when it wasn't in the script. They had me at doughnut tax outrage.

Speaking of new fall TV: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Blacklist, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Big Bang Theory, Masterchef Junior )

We had a seasonal beer tasting at work on Wednesday (journalism doesn't suck ALL the time) where many good brews were had, but the surprise of the event was finding a pumpkin-flavored beer I actually like: the hoppy and not at all sweet Saranac Pumpkin Ale, a 125-year-old brand brewed in upstate New York.

It looks like I've got a lead on a pair of Bastille tickets for Monday's show at the Bowery Ballroom, at face value too, which would be an amazing birthday gift to myself. The milestone birthday was last year, but we were too busy trying to get settled in New York to do much more than eat take-away Chinese food just before midnight and pretend the fortune cookies held some particularly profound significance. This year, to say that we don't have anything to celebrate is an understatement, but damn it there won't at least be good music.
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Are there any apple orchards or pumpkin patches within train/bus reach of NYC? This is what people do in New England during fall, I'm to understand. In Florida, we celebrate with an al fresco meal and packing up our sweaters because businesses stop over-air conditioning their offices.

My good intentions of starting a post-work walk routine, since I can't develop a rapport with the rowing machine like the Mr., were waylaid by an impromptu nap. Look, some of you might be heartless enough to move a cat that has just snuggled against you, but I'm made of softer stuff.

I've been soul-deep in Sherlock for so long that no other fandom's managed to pique my fannish interest since last January, but the new season of The Vampire Diaries might just do it. I suppose one of the pleasures of being a vampire is infinite second chances. Interested to see how the Salvatore boys will screw up getting everything they ever wanted.

The world is conspiring to get me to watch Breaking Bad, just as it's ending. I don't love the idea of committing to a source just as everyone else is preparing to move on though, and that may ultimately be the reason why I don't watch it. I had my epic television love affair with Battlestar Galactica, and prefer my conflicts speculative or internal rather than agency-sapping things like cancer and the rotten state of American health care.
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Today, my editor asked if I'd be interested in writing episode recaps of the upcoming season of Sherlock because "you know more about it than most." Stand down everyone, the award for Understatement of the Year has been claimed. I enthusiastically accepted, but then had to explain that the last two series had months-long delays between the British and American airdates, and we debated whether people in the States would wait or try to get their hands on it illegally (really though, we were debating whether publishing it right away or waiting would get more pageviews).

I'm tempted to say that fans of the show, and therefore the people likely to read episode analyses, would watch it as soon as possible (god knows I'll spend that night obsessively hitting the refresh button on Pirate Bay) if for no other reason than it would be next to impossible to remain unspoiled about how Sherlock faked his death if you're on any kind of social media website or read any pop culture blogs. Of course, the wider Internet isn't your commuter paper, where you wouldn't be on your guard for spoilers if you didn't known the episode had aired. Ugh. I don't know what the right call is here.

In other TV news, Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show from Jordan a bit culture shocked and high strung, and man do I have buckets of sympathy. Every year we came back home for a two-week break from the Middle East we felt the same way: really grateful for Target and Mexican food; a bit disconcerted by how little clothing people wear in public after wall-to-wall dishdashas and abayas; and wanting to bathe in Americana (which in Florida meant a trip to the theme parks and World of Beer).

These feels don't happen on arrival - they take a few months of frustration at not being able to buy what you want at grocery stores, trying to deal with labyrinthine bureaucracy designed to waste your money and time, and adjusting to an entirely different pace of life and social discourse. We were chatting in Ikea maybe a couple months after arriving in 2008 when a man walked up to us. "Are you guys Americans?" he asked in a slightly desperate tone. We nodded, a little freaked out, and he burst into a huge smile and shook all our hands in both of his, saying that it's so rare to hear American accents and how happy he was to meet all of us. It struck us as strange at the time, but yeah, we got there eventually too.

Finally, fannish marketers are so much more savvy than the people actually paid to promote a show: [personal profile] cesperanza may well have talked me into Luther with the line, "It's as if Batman fell in love with the Joker." Um, YES PLEASE.
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VividCon hangover continues to linger. I can't listen to a song or think about any media I've ever loved without vidding it in my head. And you guys, wow, some ideas are way, WAY better than others.

So things surely happened in the world today, but all I know is that it's a damn good thing the photos from Sherlock filming at the 221B facade in London didn't start rolling in until late in the afternoon because I lost my shit all over the apartment at this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this(!) and ESPECIALLY THESE. It sucks that the fans sometimes disturb filming and that Cinderbalmain has progressed to the level of fame that requires a bodyguard, but I just cannot be anything but grateful for these photos.

Despite living in New York, I am not now, nor will I ever be a foodie. I like good food, but I don't think throwing together unexpected ingredients, making a dish out of moss or the unappetizing voodoo that is molecular gastronomy accomplishes the goal of feeding me something delicious that leaves me satisfied. While these are valid (and represented) complaints, Eater's anonymous restaurant rants have been both educational and cathartic about what else is wrong with the restaurant scene (wine in a tumbler? And yes, keeping restaurants accountable for cost is proper and necessary journalism.)

I'd like to end on a musical interlude, and its accompanied dancing, that has brought me a lot of joy this summer. John Oliver's stint as host of The Daily Show is over, and he definitely grew on me once he stopped fanboying the celebrities and started spouting well-honed rants (because there's nothing so sexy as watching a British man lose his cool, FACT). The Mr. and I got to be in the audience for the royal baby episode, which was AMAZING (largely because we got to sass Jason Jones about drinking on the job, and I got to give props to Jessica Williams before she taped her segment.) But right from the start, he won my heart just a little with his Carlos Danger dance.

And now we're off to see The World's End, in which hopefully Martin Freeman gets to say more than "Noooo." Not that that wasn't fun.
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Don't let it- aaw, too late.

TVD 2.20 - The Last Day )

Meanwhile, I'm going to reread some happy threesome fic until my Strongbow cider is done to steel myself against the misery sure to be piled high in 2.21.
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No, pretty sure I'm the only one who's spent the past two weeks trying to parse out why the events at the end of "Klaus" made sense. Cut me a little slack though, it's been at least four years (!?) since I've seriously attempted the meta thing, but it's good to exercise the brain with the important questions in life.

'I’m a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you’re searching for is OMG.' )
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A list, because I haven't been able to congeal a complex thought in weeks. Does heat work like that? It's already been 111 degrees here, which is enough to melt stone, so possibly.

Can you die from lack of sleep? | Slate
Theoretically, yes, from hypothermia (?!) or the bacteria in your gut leaking into the rest of your body because your immune system can't keep them in check, among other fates.

Does Wal-Mart make you skinny? | The Daily Beast
In a statistically significant way, apparently, by being a source of inexpensive fresh produce. Having a Wal-Mart in a community is equivalent to a 6.5 rise in annual income, which I find fascinating.

NBC saves 'Chuck' | Airlock Alpha
YESSSSS. I love that little show.

'Galactica' set to drain your checkbook | The Indianapolis Star
I really can't justify spending $250 on things I already own, but those extras sound AMAZING.

Over the Wall | The New York Times
Christoph Niemann's work is always simple, like each entry was co-written and designed by his young sons, poignant and smart.

School canteen opens as restaurant to avoid closure | The Mirror

Banker rescues family of ducks | KOMO News
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Colbert study: Conservatives don't know he's joking | The Huffington Post

Ahahaha! But in all fairness, he's pretty high-level comedy. And the ability to appeal, whether out of ignorance or agreement, the extreme opposite ends of the political spectrum means he's doing something right.

Speaking of high-level comedy...


Jun. 23rd, 2008 10:23 pm
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Anna Nicole's ex bids on lingerie for daughter DannieLynn | CNN

If this story isn't the Moment of Zen at the end of The Daily Show tonight, I'll eat my pashmina.
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So I'm skimming a year's worth of fannish backlog like you do sometimes, and in the midsts of all the moot discussions about where fandom could flee and end-of-HP wank, I found this pseudo-meme (the kind that a single person originates as a random thought and others join in through comments) about media quotes that have stuck with you. And I'm really not in the proper fannish mindset to remember the nuances that become fodder for epics and in-jokes and generally up one's street cred, but I do still love fandom and media even all the way out here and just thinking about it while walking down the street makes me smile. So, list. )

Anyone else?
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I turned 25 on the 30th, an experience best left as low-key as it was; there's no joy in being able to measure one's lifespan in terms of a century. My father and aunt came through town for a whirlwind lunch at Olive Garden on the 1st, leaving Godiva chocolate and some wicked good nutty mini croissants in their wake. My mom spent the past weekend up here, shopping on Saturday (have you ever bought something off the rack that was meant for you? TWICE) with dinner at Texas de Brazil Churrascaria (the garlic sirloin was dreamy, though really, if you're going to have men with large knives and skewered meat walking all around, take away their shirt privileges) and Universal Studios on Sunday. )

Workwise, I haven't not wanted to go into the office as much as today in a long time - my co-crime reporter quit two weeks ago, conveniently right after being out for a month for surgery, and the reporter who mentored me and commiserated about the fact that one of our direct supervisors actually uses the phrase "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and..." has switched offices because he hated being stuck with higher education (after BOTH our education reporters left, with no replacements planned) and now works out of our Winter Haven bureau. I may have cried a little watching him pack up his stuff Wednesday night. Oh, and they switched my weekends to Saturday/Sunday a couple weeks ago to keep the cops shift covered with overtime, so I now see [ profile] flatword for an hour before work, for a half-hour dinner if we can get out, and about two hours afterward until I inevitably fall asleep on the sofa. Let me tell you how well that's working out for us.

But then... )

Otherwise, Brandon plays a lot of Halo 3, I play a lot of Warcraft, and we respectively try to make time for reading and TV. )

Oh, and how did the Defuser win Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Hyperstrike must've kicked a puppy or something in the last episode.
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I start being a reporter today at 10 a.m. Not sure which part of that sentence terrifies me more.

OMGWTFBBQreporting )

Briefly, 2006 in review:
-got first professional job (with the company I aspired to work for one day)
-lived alone for the first time (and down the street from a Starbucks)
-lost weight
-gained a boyfriend (six months this past 20th and obscenely happy)
-fell in love with TV again, namely Battlestar Galactica, SG-1 (all seasons on sale for $20 at Best Buy NOW), Gilmore Girls and Studio60
-became addicted to Sudoku
-went back to DragonCon
-finally did Halloween at Disney
-became a Mac owner
-rediscovered gaming (thanks Nintendo Wii! We got a kick out of the three unsold PS3s at Best Buy AND Target tonight, but no Wiis or its accessories in sight.)

Crisis of professional faith aside, I toast it!
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Because the Sci-Fi Channel is doing a marathon today, I would like to second David Hewlett's ramble about its new original miniseries The Lost Room.

Holy wow. I too could've gone another thousand hours with Peter Krause in search of his daughter through a warp in the fabric of the universe. It's a little bit scary and a lot anticipation - which the pacing just adds to tremendously - and we may have begged off a home-cooked meal early to run home and watch the conclusion Wednesday night. It's smart, strange, with moments or levity but tied together with the drama of the lost little girl, and has Kevin Pollak.

All three episodes (though there's amorphous hope for more!) air starting 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time (or check your listings here). Seriously guys, excellent television.
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More specifically for tomorrow, when I'm to be in the office at noon (regular time being 4:30 p.m.) and shouldn't expect to leave until both weekend editions of East Polk are done, on the new system, with one of the "new" design girls. Being a compendium of all things making me happy right now, this will serve as a reminder that life is nonetheless worth living.

In the shower yesterday morning, Brandon and I discussed where the line is between fetish vs. fandom in terms of Star Trek versus religion and why one should be seen as more valid than the other. I might love him and have been trying to say so for a while, but it just came out as shampoo dripped into my eyes.

In a Sorkin two-for, not that I'm not already willing to break pretty much nine out of 10 commandments for him, Harriet is no longer a gaping black hole of screen time, and Sting plays the lute.

Despite the strife and anger and tears, both East Polk and Business made it out passably on their first night using the new software system, leading the managing editor to gush about Brandon and me as the "wizards" of MediaDesk all over, ironically, our old editing program Atex.

Just remembered that I got the phrase "high-end problem" into a headline on the Business front the other day. WORD TO MY MOTHER.

Thanks to a roommate somewhere in the course of human events, Brandon received mixes two through six and a few homemade (!) editions of DDR - including every song I've ever loved (I've got your number, Tribal Dance) - which he found on a CD this afternoon.

There's A LOT "" of Halloween candy on the kitchen counter.

Birthday windfalls mean I have enough money to buy an iMac. Not 24" of it like my heart of hearts desires, but a nice little 20" refurb, I think.

This will be a four-day workweek, after which Brandon and I have four days together starting Tuesday to cavort around Central Florida's finest Halloween venues.

Gilmore Girls did not break my heart into a thousand pieces this week. A hundred maybe, and mostly because of missed opportunities than blatant insipidity, but it wasn't the giant wad of suck that it's been. The banter was snappier, even through the pop culture stuff was shallow. Now, more Logan, less Christopher and no April, and we'd be so much closer to world peace than anyone writing for the show realizes.

This World of Warcraft songvid (dear god in heaven, you read that right) to Weird Al's Hardware Store.

Our laptops are set up across from each other on my pub-style dining room table. During last night's communal computer session, the Counting Crows' live album was accompanied by Brandon about two octaves below Adam Duritz.

The fact that this photo exists and has been provided to the media is, I think, wonderful. Like the one of Alito when he was five or so, blatant PR move though it was. But seriously, this Foley story? First of all, creepy and wrong, yes, but otherwise hilariously madcap and nonstop entertainment. Alcohol made him send instant messages while voting on the House floor! Homosexuality kept too long in the closet made him try to crash the pages' dorm! No, wait, priest abuse made him do it ALL! Oh, Republicans.

We've toasted with the first eggnog of the season.

Uh, I tried to space out the Brandon stuff, but he accounts disproportionately for my happiness these days.
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All you need to know? I finally put to the office that I'd like to write in addition to copy editing.

TV )

All you need to know? [prostrates self at Aaron Sorkin's feet]


All you need to know? We're going to [ profile] krissi518's wedding tomorrow, which is tres exciting, even if I haven't a thing to wear. How big of a faux pas would a black dress be?
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After four days of hacking up my lungs, breathing through my mouth, huddling in my Atlantis sweatshirt and moaning pitifully, the death flu has been vanquished. You know, it wouldn't have been nearly as bad, but as our waiter at Smoky Bones and I commiserated, who gets the flu in the middle of JULY? Lame.

No fewer than three people have called/e-mailed to tell me about Lance's big coming out party, which probably was only news to me as fandom is generally at least three days ahead of The Associated Press.

Why yes, that scene in the flashback Gilmore Girls episode with 16-year-old Lorelai sitting alone in the hospital emergency room waiting to be admitted because she was in labor with Rory listening to 99 Luftballons was the saddest thing I've seen in forever.

Booked eight-day vacation to Atlanta. Ostensibly for DragonCon, more importantly for heady amounts of caffeine and sleep deficit in the company of [ profile] walkingshadow and our Haaahvard friend. [GLEE]

My electronic family welcomed a PlayStation 2 with Guitar Hero last night. Mother is doing joyfully, even if her fingers aren't.

I missed Rodney's line about downloading porn in Misbegotten, which would have QUADRPLAGESATED my enjoyment. Though the rest of you are doing a good job of working me over, too.

Brandon is sitting across from me at the dining room table, eating cereal with one hand while reading my British copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the other. It's like we've skipped past all the stupid stuff that usually trips up relationships and went straight to old married couple.
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Journal redesign strife. )

So, hey, I graduated college! Not that the whole renting a cap and gown, sitting through a long, boring ceremony, walking across a stage, shaking hands with the two people I would've been content to never meet, then bounce between two sets of relatives thing didn't feel real enough. But my diploma arrived in Saturday's mail. Really, by itself it was a fairly forlorn and unimpressive piece of parchment paper. But then I put it in the frame my mom got, and all of a sudden it's this official, regal document wrapped in mahogany that says thing like The University of Florida has conferred on and bachelor of science and all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, two of which I didn't even know were actual words, and upon recommendation of the faculty of the College of Journalism and Communications. I'm a journalist, y'all, a whole college's worth of faculty say so! It was neat, I had to swipe at my cheek a little while holding up the final result. It's such a satisfying thing, to be that much closer to the person I've always wanted to be.

Sports Editor Ted is likely a lost cause, Copy Editor Brandon and I have started to bond over questionable foods, and why I love working for Metro Editor Billy. )

Hitting up MegaCon in Orlando on Sunday was a neat little time warp exercise in remembering middle school, but otherwise largely unproductive. What's with the dearth of Stargate swag in the world? However, there was soft-serve ice cream and John Schneider (Bo Kent, as we call him down on the farm) juggling. He looked really ridiculously good, tan, longer hair with blondish highlights, fantastically fitting shirt, laughing and jumping around with fans. There was also driving with the top down in gorgeous, breezy weather, which meant not even getting a half hour's worth of lost dampened my spirits. And at the end of the day, I do have an Atlantis mission patch to sew on the ass of my favorite jeans.

The real reason for my lack of updates is that I've been reading SGA fic like a fiend. Came across something incredibly depressing the other day involving John and Rodney living to be old enough to retire from the Atlanis mission. They had bought a house by the ocean and Rodney swung a puddlejumper for the garage, and it was so hard to read. I don't even mean the fact that the likelihood of them living that long is infinitesimal, but the idea of wanting to preserve some pale shadow of the lives they'd led. Anyone who's ever lived knows the impossibility of recreating anything, a moment, a place, a memory. None of it will be perfect, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

As I fall deeper into the television abyss thanks to the DVR... )

And it's officially at the point where I'm making a list of things I have in my refrigerator as opposed to things I need. To Publix it is.

Quotes )
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Which is to say, there's been a lot of it. )

Coldplay's White Shadows (YSI link) played over sunset in my living room this afternoon. My sliding glass door has a slightly northwest exposure, so the rays catch in the tall palm tree in my courtyard and play across my dining room table while the Venetian blinds create more languid stripes along the carpet. Everything is bathed in lovely reds and oranges, and for the first time ever I'm rueing that work only allows me to be here for it on the weekend.

Among an adequately short list of activities a "Sunday" should entail, I properly keyworded my icons and shuffled in some new stuff. Sharing was a leery concept until I sat up and went ooh, pretteh, which as we all know trumps all.
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So, how about that Buffy musical, eh?






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