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Thanks to the latest episode of Family Guy, I realized what my baser instincts have always loved about Bill Clinton. Setting the married issue aside (or not!) when he walks into a bar, he's equally likely to hit on the hottest girl everyone's buying drinks for as the wallflower in the corner.

In other shallow news, Michael Shanks. In the course of rewatching Absolute Power, it's come to every fiber of my being's attention that Daniel Jackson is dangerously capable of being evil and still irrefusably appealing. I have no defenses against him whatsoever.

Elsewhere, I can't decide whether to be thoroughly mortified about the Jane Fonda/Stephen Colbert interview fit for nowhere but Showtime after hours or admire her gall. He's married! But then, she did succeed in ruffling him, something that I don't think has happened since the show began. Basically, I'd love to do as I please but not if it means violating someone's personal space.

It was brought to my attention that Amy Sherman-Palladino may have written Lee Adama's explosive witness-pulpit monologue, and I was not surprised at all. He doesn't generally stand out, but damn was I a gaping fool after that.

Twitter is too metaphysical to keep me from going insane after answering that question so many times. Although if David Hewlett wants to do it, who am I not to cheer the fad?

BAD: Subtropical Storm Andrea formed right next to my state (we're supposed to get a week of nail-biting network news suspense with weather maps and wildly varying landfall predictions! NOT FAIR.) more than three full weeks before hurricane season begins. GOOD: You can't argue with the breezy cool weather as it sucks up all the humidity and wretched, choking heat that descended weeks ago. It's the only thing keeping us going through the demoralizing chore of doing anything outside in the constant haze and rain of ash from the more than 200 wildfires burning in said fair state. Oy.

In conclusion, office bureaucracy is the irony of the communications industry. Irony that almost made me choke a bitch today. But then, is irony anything but a kick in the pants?
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Michael Shanks. Yeah, other things happened, but really, Michael Shanks. )
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Brief recaps of the past two months, and a day-in-the-life photo meme to kick off March.

JANUARY Started new job, freaked out, quit, editors pep talked me back into it. )

FEBRUARY Settled into new routine, found two more ways to occupy my life through online Scrabble and Naruto. )

MARCH A day in the life, through dialup-friendly pictures. )

And there you have it. Minus the speaking with dead people's families, watching houses burn down, useless at-our-convenience information officers and driving through seedy neighborhoods to it all. Why did I stay again?
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So, I scored a ticket and am going to the 'Gates convention in Vancouver on March 22. And it would be a lot more fun if you came with me!

No, really, it'll be great. Creation just put up a bunch of Preferred Package tickets here (Hewlett has just been announced as a guest!) I have a room reserved at the host hotel, and freaking out about meeting Michael Shanks is so much more dignified in the company of friends.
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Posting from the Room of Daniel Jackson Lust at [ profile] saturn92103's, where over the course of nine hours, two respective bottles of wine and conceding that we were not in fact smart enough to master the SG-1 board game (recommended playing age 9 and up WHATEVER, we totally kicked at Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit instead, HA!), we've had a wonderful time.

Besides being excellent company, Saturn is at the same point of her SG-1 fannish progression as me, so we're both squealing about Jonas Quinn's exceptional day-saving in Descent and Daniel coming back in Fallen and loving Sam Carter and the summation of Jack and Daniel's relationship as non-sequiturs and unresolved tension (TM Michael Shanks) - everything is cool and new. We watched Abyss, and I cried like ANYONE WITH A HEART through Jack's second conversation with Daniel while he was held prisoner on Ba'al's ship, because he would SO RISK THE WRATH OF ALL ELEVEN DIMENSIONS' WORTH OF ANCIENTS TO STOP DANIEL'S SUFFERING. I've never been disappointed in Daniel but in that moment.

We also had a fascinating chat about conventions and meeting celebrities from Saturn saying she is disinclined to know about Michael Shanks' life and wouldn't particularly have anything more than "Thank you for Daniel Jackson" to say to him. When I went to WizardWorld in Chicago in July 2002, it was for the sole purpose of meeting Michael Rosenbaum. I knew nobody from the fandom, my flight got in that morning and left the same night - all I wanted was a chance to shake his hand and say something memorable to him. Aah, idealism. Anyway, I spent five days agonizing over what to say but couldn't come up with a single thing. When it got to be my turn in the autograph line, I blurted something about Lex's beautiful cars, which one was his favorite and does he get to actually drive them. It was a lovely chat - he does and keeps the insurance and camera people on their toes - but did it mean anything?

It did then because I went to meet Michael Rosenbaum, who is an unequivocally charming boy and nothing like the character he plays on TV. But if I were to go to the same convention tomorrow, I still wouldn't know what to say because my motives for going wouldn't involve him, but rather Lex. I'd like to ask the characters questions - what's been your most exciting discovery personally, Daniel Jackson? Did you think about the fact that signing up for the Atlantis mission likely meant giving up flying, Col. Sheppard? Are you morally bothered by the experiment you've conducted to develop the retrovirus, Dr. Beckett? How would it work to have actors show up to conventions in character? Because they're the reason we watch these shows. Additionally, I don't want to see Sheppard rolling down the corridors of Atlantis on his skateboard because Joe Flanigan's life shouldn't give insight into Sheppard.

Mostly though we talked about Daniel Jackson's lower lip and broad shoulders, with a few minor detours into toasting the launch of space shuttle Discovery, a wager on Harry Potter's life and the proper pronunciation of Goa'uld. There was also lamenting of the very little education in the practical aspects of becoming a functional human being after college, the biggest of which being that it gives you no appreciation of just how much is out there. I think that's the reason why I didn't take a risk after graduation, because the system as it is worked for me - I have a good job in my chosen field. Which doesn't really work when I could very well be happier serving coffee on the Stargate sets, and she reminded me that, hey, if my priority in life right now is something else, either personally or professionally, there will never be a better time to pursue it. But while the secret to living on sci-fi and alcohol alone remains elusive, we certainly made a great day of it at least.
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We interrupt this extended lull in productivity (because working for The Man so doesn’t count) to bring you the thing that hijacked my feeble little mind for a solid five minutes of drooling this afternoon (originally posted by [ profile] rasmizar here):

good GODS )

Which [ profile] walkingshadow also e-mailed me in short order, and it would be like we share a brain but not really because this one is for anybody with EYES. God, hottest photo of the man since that candid of him setting up a tent by the lakeside, but this is BETTER because he's in costume and the CASUAL way his hand is resting on his SIDEARM, his entire BOYISH posture while his foot plays with the skateboard like he isn't something DANGEROUS and BEAUTIFUL and will smite you RIGHTEOUSLY if you so much as look at his city wrong.

Yeah. Hot like THAT.

Wow, nice to be back, fandom. I have downloaded the "with a little Stargate" promos, but have so far only seen Teal'c's, because Sci-Fi actually aired it during SG-1 the other night. But I hear John instructs us in the not-phallic-at-all art of billiards while Rodney goes down in an elevator. ajklahgl;skfhgalhTHEY MAKE IT SO EASY. AND I HEAR THE LEATHER JACKETS AREN'T JUST FOR PRETTY PROMOTIONAL SHOTS. It's like they polled fandom during the hiatus and LISTENED. RAPTLY.

Also in fannish news, Jonas Quinn ingratiated himself completely in the episode when they're all stuck in the mothership after crashing it into the Pacific, and all of my friends suck for not comforting me after I watched Meridian all alone on my sofa at 3 a.m. WITHOUT WARNING and cried like a wee girl. And with Sam running her hands across his journals that are still in his office like he'd be back any minute, Teal'c with such obviously gaping cracks in his usually convincing stoicism, and Jack not dealing AT ALL, the point isn't that he comes back. [sniffle] I'm not militant about labeling, but I didn’t KNOW and the TiVo summary gave no warning. I mean, yeah, OK, lots of radiation, but this is SG-1 - they DON'T die when they should with much higher frequency than when they actually die. I know he's died several times, and even in the episode they mention he's been in and out of a sarcophagus a dozen or so times (ajsdfjhkfhafa WHAT? was he tortured?!) but yeah, aforementioned watching conditions are not when I should see my second-most dearly beloved TV character of the moment die.

And of course, the next episode I watched is the one where they burn Vala alive. You know, I've watched science fiction shows for a decade now and am well aware there's practically a per-season quota for near-death experiences, so I'm all like, "Oh that fire won't get to her, or they'll beam her out in time, or she'll get loose or Daniel will talk them out of it" AND THEN SHE DIES. Of course, the resurrection is a much more timely process than it will be in Daniel's case but jeez. I've become complacent with them pulling it out at the last minute. It's like they're taking their cues from BSG all of a sudden, which is not a show in which you should get attached to ANYONE.

Randomly, as I sift through media, David Hewlett eating that whole lemon in the Season Two profile PWNS, and from the stills alone (more specifically the one of Rodney gesturing with the implement) it is assured that I will love episode two of the new season. Fifteen days, JOY.
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So, randomly on the Sci-Fi Channel today, I caught a preview for The Tower, this week's Friday rerun, in which John is called an "intergalactic babe magnet" before the scene where the princess drops her clothes in front of him. Next, of course, is his "I never see this coming" line, which never fails to make me dissolve into giggles because really, John is a smart, observant fella, kind of in the job description of keeping everyone alive. It always makes me think amusing thoughts about whether his blind spot is sex or women. And frankly, with the way he flirts, I'm inclined to say the latter.

But as I told [ profile] saturn92103, frankly, if there's an intergalactic playboy between the shows, I don't know how everyone's nominating John when it is in fact Daniel Jackson who's got a woman in every port. I mean really, if they're not trying to make him their love slave, they're hot for his Earth knowledge and think osmosis works in humans, too, or they just like the view. I blame them for none of the above, especially when he's wearing a black T-shirt, but seriously.

Unrelatedly, SG-1 is only second in meta-liciousness to The X-Files (hi, yes, caught that rerun of Hollywood AD the other night.) But Sam Carter whistling the show's theme song in the elevator? That, I think, rates at least honorable mentions. The revolving character door is always a good time - Halling in the episode that Epiphany ripped off was weird in his suit, Dr. Gaul as the well-meaning archeologist-turned-research assistant. Though they wussed on the Sha're plotline in a big way, and Sam is done no service at all with her long looks at Jack, but yeah, it's all a plenty lot of fun.

In other news, Jesus it's hot. I mean, yeah, Florida, I know, but I wasn't supposed to be treading humidity for at least another month. And of course it's now that my car's impeccable air conditioning since 1997 decides to sputter and die. Bah.
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[insert griping about getting up at 8 a.m. but rewarding experience of tending a class of reporting students here] Skipping along on the record, I made a good show of studying before my French test at 3 p.m., which ended up being the easiest we've had all semester, glory be.

A feasible look at abortion )

After all that, we caught Corpse Bride, about which I have exactly one thing to say: I saw this movie better and with more compelling songs and characters when it was Nightmare Before Christmas. Seriously, all my love to Tim Burton, but he ought to be feeling the gritty nasties of self-plagiarism right just now. I was downright bored and would rather have watched Nightmare for the hundredth time, alas.

Saturday was a whole lot of lounging around before heading to Best Buy, where it took no time at all to distract me thoroughly from the task at hand by the laid-out Dance Dance Revolution mat. Did you know one 1:30 song burns only 12 or so calories? Scandal! But still inarguably fun, even if my prowess is distinctly in the past.

By no fair turn of time, the weekend was again over, and to a huge paper and still no canceled school. The Editorial Board concurred that a good minimum fifth of the school's population won't be thinking about anything academic tomorrow and that the university should recognize this for those who need or want to skip town to help their families through the, you know, Category 3 hurricane. But in thanks to the largest Sunday budget I've ever seen, timely budgeting and decent story flow, we got to keep our anxieties focused.

Hurricane update )

Features Editor Neil and I debated people who like The Who because of Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind Blue Eyes. He's one of those who begrudges that Harry Potter got kids reading and people who get their music education from popular culture. I say if you discover Jimi Hendrix through P.Diddy, good for you. Your ability to extract quality from crap is no less merit-worthy than taking the hypotenuse of adopting your parents' tastes or spending all your allowance at used records stores.

Finally, beginning tonight, I leave you with this:

AP Photo of the Day )

Because really, what else is there to do?

Also, a parting thanks to Duran Duran for rescuing me from the chorus of Personal Jesus as the last strains of Too Much Information play me off the stage.

So, I knew she was ineffectual and patronizing, but apparently my former feature writing teacher is also batshit insane. Also, incapable of spelling and, as most crazy people, overly fond of rampant capitalization. Good god. )

Other than that, it was the sort of weather today that truly makes you feel lucky to be alive just to breathe it in. Even justified wearing a scarf!

Got through to my family in West Palm Beach... )

After attempting an existential cigarette at the downtown Starbucks, I went to campus to talk to McKeen about the abortion story. Freakishly enough, three steps from my car I ran into Mike, and together we went to the notorious third-floor Student Government offices because I was feeling cheeky and wanted a stress ball. Well, despite having paid my Activity & Service fees for ten semesters so far, Student Body Vice President Joyce Medina, as in the one SG Reporter David would sooner slit his wrists than call for comment, told me in no uncertain or civil terms that if I want one, then come to an SG event. She didn't recognize me but said to Mike, "Why are you always making trouble?" Seriously, aside from the world-class bitchery, she had no grounds to deny my request for swag I've already paid for, and we requested the public records that may state otherwise, but mostly, I'm going to write a column and demand she give me one personally if that is in fact the policy.

Joe Goldberg eventually came out of his office to see what the commotion was about and invited us back. It's... a lot smaller than I thought, which is so fitting I had to bite my lip to keep the giggles at bay. Met some more of our regular cast of characters, including Tom Philpot and Adelle Fontanet, the bisexual Pride exec who didn't know who Kevin Bacon was when she started dating our own student Sen. Kevin Bacon.

Photo, mais oui. )


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